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Telegram Messaging App vs Telegram X, New Features

Telegram Messaging App vs Telegram X, New Features

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app widely popular for its assured security of user data. It was one of the most downloaded applications after Whatsapp updated its user terms and conditions to allow more freedom of access and use of customer data.

Millions of people around the world swamped to download the app in boycotting and ditching Whatsapp. The app was founded and launched in 2013 and is available for use on different operating systems including iOS, Android, macOS, Web application, and Microsoft Windows. 

Goal of Telegram X

The goal of Telegram X launched by Telegram was to reinvent the app and incorporate newly found levels of performance in all aspects including ease of use, quality of experience, user interface, speed among other features.

Battery and Processing

Telegram X is more battery-efficient and is faster in its processing. Messages can be sent and received quicker than with the official app. It additionally gives more room for image expression as it is bubble-free, unlike its parent app. This improves the aesthetic of the interface for users.

Nonetheless, in all the apps ―both parent app and telegram X, chats can be reviewed before opening which allows users to determine whether they need to respond to a message immediately or it can wait. This feature was introduced on Android in 2018.

Telegram X Navigation

The new X app allows users to swipe to switch from one segment to another. This could be from media to links shared or to a group chat. This brings us to the attachment menu which has been improved to cover new additions that were unavailable in the original app. These closely resemble WhatsApp features with tabs on links, documents shared, media files shared, and more. This improves access to items one is searching for in a chat. 

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Additionally, Telegram X has its chats and calls separated by tabs that the users can easily swipe from and to either. This is made even more interesting with the fluid animations that make using the app enjoyable.

Just like its parent app, Telegram X users also have a saved messages feature that allows them to quickly access a bunch of their stored messages, links, media files, and documents.

For night mode lovers, Telegram X now has a night mode option that can be selected to have the themes and settings adjusted accordingly. 

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