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Thayu Kamau Kabugi: Murang’a Billionaire Behind Astrol Oil Company

Thayu Kamau Kabugi PHOTO/Tuko

Thayu Kamau Kabugi is the founder of Astrol Petroleum Limited, an oil marketing company that he established in 2000.

Since its establishment, the company specialized in supply and distribution of petroleum products under its chain of petrol stations, Astrol Petrol Station.

Kamau served as the chairman of the company until 2019 when he met his death while receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital.

Here is Kamau’s story as told by EAFeed.

Kamau was born in Muringu village, Murang’a County where he was also raised alongside his three siblings.

Growing up, he was determined to make it in life and despite having close association with the then president, Jomo Kenyatta, he decided to build his wealth through hard work and honesty.

Even after generating wealth, Kamau did not forget where he came from as he participated in philanthropic activities and supported development projects.

These selfless acts saw Kamau earn himself the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) award which was awarded to him by for president Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017.

Astrol Petrol Station PHOTO/X, formerly Twitter

Astrol Petroleum

Kamau is known for his ownership of Astrol Petroleum Limited which operates Astrol Petrol Stations spread across the country.

He established the company in 2000, specializing in supply of distribution of petroleum products in Kenya through his petrol stations.

The company runs ten fillings stations in small towns including Runda, Nothern Bypass, Thika Road, Lenana Road and Mombasa Road.

Other towns which the company has presence in are Rironi, Murang’a, Athi River, Ruiru and Utawala among others.

Astrol Petroleum Limited has provided job opportunities to over 300 employees who either work in the company’s offices or at filling stations.

Other than supplying fuels, they also sell other products including lubricants and services such as car wash, tire centre and car service bays.

The company which has been in existence for over 22 years also works with power stations, agribusinesses and industrial manufacturers in different parts of the country.

Moving ahead, the company aims to be a world class petroleum company and build a client base across Africa.

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