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Tiktok Verification Badge; How to Get Verified on TikTok 2020/2021

Tiktok Verification Badge; How to Get Verified on TikTok 2020/2021

TikTok has come to the online world with a big bang evolving from its former identity of Musical.ly. TikTok offers a platform to be limitlessly creative, have fun, entertain your friends and strangers too and also a way to put you out there in terms of branding and gathering up a market base for a product you intend to launch.

In the recent few years we have seen people across the globe irrespective of age, gender, status and all social constructs come up with videos that go viral and their lives change so to say, in an instant. A recent classic example is the artist Doja Cat who rose to global fame riding on the magical carpet of TikTok.

Her song, Say So, gained popularity online with netizens shooting dozens of videos jamming to the song. Later on, Say So gains the attention of Hip Hop Queen Nicki Minaj and the two ladies make a banging collaboration and not to forget, a huge income came with it.

Another example is a Kenyan lady, Azziad Nasenya who rose to online fame and popularity following a TikTok video dancing to Kenyan artist, Femi One’s Utawezana jam. Following this exposure, her social media accounts blew up and in the same chain of events landed an acting job in a local television station. Miracles overnight huh?

TikTok can offer the same  miracle goodness to you. In this article, we will be looking at the steps you can take to verify your TikTok account and exponentially increase your chances of emerging with your own pot of gold.

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TikTok offers two types of badges for their online users which are as follows :

1. Popular Creator Badge

This is a fairly simple badge to attain in comparison to the verified account badge. It is awarded to very active members whose content attracts a large scale of engagement by the general public and of course, whose activities follow the set TikTok guidelines which include sharing of respectful content.

All you need to do to obtain this badge is to be extremely attentive to popular hashtags, videos, songs and delivery techniques used on the platform. You then apply these and ensure that you take high quality videos. An investment in a high-resolution camera phone or camera can be a great choice in addition to taking online classes on video editing to ensure that your followers get top level content and ergo be willing to look out for your next posts. This will also gather up your number of fans which is a great necessity to obtaining the Popular Creator Badge.

2. Verified Account Badge

This badge appears as a blue check mark next to one’s profile name to give an assurance that the particular account belongs to the user operating and running the page. This badge is mainly for celebrities, high profile actors and actresses, companies and people well known in the physical world. It is thus quite an uphill task to gain this kind of verification. These types of accounts have large followings and an example is Cardi B’s TikTok account.

To note therefore, you need to have the following under your belt in order to gain verification which has recently been seen by many as a goal and something to really work towards. This is absolutely something to consider especially in the times of the Coronavirus when 90% of life has been taken online. This platform allows you to reach a global market and keeps your mental health safe in the uncertain times.

  • Ensure that you post high quality videos that have exceptional edits.
  • Engage your followers and fans by sending and exchanging messages.
  • Be always aware of trending topics and ideas and create your own versions of the same.
  • Ensure that you abide by TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
  • Be consistent in your delivery.
  • The most important one, Have fun!

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