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A list of Top 10 Best and Cheap Car Dealers in Germany 2023

A list of Top 10 Best Car Dealers in Germany 2021

Germany holds the reputation of being among the best car manufacturers and highly skilled in the motor vehicle sector. There are several car dealerships in Germany, some of which have been operational for over eighty years. This article looks into the best car dealers in Germany for both new and used cars.

1. Bavarian Motor Cars GmbH

Bavarian Motor Cars is an automobile retail in Germany that deals in new and used cars, trucks and light vehicles. The retail has been operational since 2007 and is an authorized BMW partner. It is an official provider of the BMW Military Sales Program to the American Military serving in Europe.

Bavarian Motor Cars guarantees the lowest price, free stateside maintenance and free home shipping for the military. The militia are further offered huge discounts on all the BMWs and all their purchases are processed tax-free. Beyond offering new and used cars for purchase, Bavarian Motor Cars offer financing options for used cars to their clients.

2. HCC International e.K Troisdorf, Germany

HCC is an independent multi-market dealer that offers exclusive vehicle purchase. It is a proven expert in the field and has over the years grown their inventory incorporating sports models, middle class, small vehicles, family-friendly cars and luxurious cars. The dealership stocks BMW vehicles, Lamborghini, Audi, and Ford among more brands that offer a diversity for clients to choose from.

3. Used Car Guys – Ramstein

UCG offers a wide variety of vehicle brands to select from including Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, Jeep and BMW for both new and pre-owned cars for their clients. In exploring further grounds for expanding their market, the dealership offers a customized search on its website allowing for a quick selection before actual viewing and making shipping preparations. It also makes room for trade ins whereby car owners can decide to sell their old cars to the dealer.

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4. MATRIX Automobile GmbH & Co. KG.

Matrix is a provider of premium cars in Berlin and covering other types of vehicles such as sports vehicles, family-friendly rides and trucks along more. The dealership receives positive feedback from their clients who describe the service offered as outstanding and excellent. Some of the car brands on inventory include Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce. It is a highly competitive dealer in Germany and can be reached at info@matrix-automobile.de for inquiries.

5. BMW Autohaus Nefzger

BMW Autohaus was founded 90 years ago by Leo Nefzger and started out as a garage and car wash growing to be one of the highest sought car dealerships. The family-owned and managed dealership has been a contract partner of BMW for over fifty years. It is a women-led entity that offers both new and pre-owned vehicles for purchase by their clients all over the world.

6. Autoland Car Dealers

Autoland Car Dealers has twenty-three branches and boasts of being the largest car discounter in Germany. It was formed and is managed by the group’s Chief Executive Officer Wilfried Wilhelm Andan. The independent car dealer offers new and used cars and ensures that staff are up to date on trends and skills by offering regular training in Autoland Academy.

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