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30+ Richest Pastors in the World and Their Net Worth 2022

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Pastor David Oyedepo IMAGE: GospelMinds

Spreading the gospel is the major mission that pastors globally do to fulfill Jesus’ teaching for believers. As mentioned earlier in our previous article about pastors’ net worth review in Kenya, some pastors are for real in the mission to spread the word to the world, while others seem to be in the business world to make ends meet in this competitive world.

In this review, some pastors highlighted are televangelists. Others have churches where they preach. Other pastors have global churches where they struggle day-to-day to spread the gospel globally to reach larger parts of the world.

At one point, news has rented the air about exposures of pastors selling and faking miracles. Such cases have been so common in Nigeria and Kenya.

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Some years back, Pastor Kanyari Victor (who is a Kenyan Pastor) was exposed by the Kenyan news journalist Mohammed Ali in the KTN Tv’s news segment for faking miracles to lure followers to his church and give tithes.

Pastors’ net worth or rather the net worth of any other handsome-earning person may be so difficult to investigate. Investigation on their lifestyle and the assets they own such as posh cars, magnificent houses choppers and other valuables can give an approximate figure of their incomes.

In this piece, we have done a comprehensive research globally about the net worth of the men of God who are rocking the world and their net worth as per their respective order.

  Name Nationality Approx. Net Worth
1.       Kenneth Copeland United states $300 Million
2.       David Oyedepo Nigeria $150 Million
3.       Shepherd Bushiri South Africa $150 Million
4.       Pastor E.A Adeboye Nigeria $130 Million
5.       Bishop Ayodele Oritsejafor Nigeria $128 Million
6.       Pat Robbertson United States $100 Million
7.       Prophet Elvis Mbonye Uganda $80 Million
8.       Benny Hinn Israel $60 Million
9.       Chris Oyakhilome Nigeria $50.1 Million
10.    Allan Kiuna and Cathy Kiuna Kenya $50.2 Million
11.    Pastor Tshifinwa Irene South Africa $42 Million
12.    Joel Osteen United States $40.3 Million
13.    Prophet David Edward Owuor Kenya $34 Million
14.    Brother Kamlesh Pattni Kenya $30 Million
15.    Pastor Ray Macaulay South Africa $28 Million
16.    Creflo Dollar United States $27.1 Million
17.    Rick Waren United States $25 Million
18.    Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Kenya $25 Million
19.    Victor Kanyari Kenya $25 Million
20.    Thomas Wahome Kenya $25 Million
21.    Prophet Uebert Angel Zimbabwe $25 Million
22.    Jesse Duplantis United States $20 Million
23.    Maina Njenga Kenya $20 Million
24.    Pastor Pius Muiru Kenya $20 Million
25.    Bishop TD Jakes United States $18 Million
26.    Teresia Wairimu Kenya $15 Million
27.    Temitope Joshua Nigeria $15 Million
28.    Matthew Ashimolowo United Kingdom $10 Million
29.    Chris Okotie Nigeria $10 Million
30.    TB Joshua Nigeria $10 Million
31.    Bishop Mark Kariuki Kenya $10 Million
32.    Rev John Haggee Israel $5 Million
33.    Paula White United States $5 Million
34.    Bishop Noel Jones United States $5 Million
35.    Bishop Eddie Long United States $5 Million
36.    Lazarus Muoka Nigeria $5 Million


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