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Top 10 Best and Reliable Websites in Albania 2022

Top 10 Best and Reliable Websites in Albania 2022

The Republic of Albania is a country situated in Southeastern Europe. Its largest and capital city is named Tirana. It is inhabited by a variety of peoples given its history hosting Greeks, Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Venetians. The World Bank ranks the country as an upper-middle-income economy. This article looks into the top ten visited websites by the residents of Albania in 2021.

1. Google

Google ranked as the number one visited site throughout the year with Albanians seeking answers to questions, searching for music, world trends, information, and more queries. Google products were also used heavily in the year ranging from Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Sheets to Google Drive among more.

2. YouTube

YouTube followed closely with most Albanians visiting the site mostly for video content. Albanians on YouTube have also been seen to increase their content creation on the platform sending them across the world.

3. Meta

Meta, formerly Facebook ranked highly in the top 10 visited websites in Albania in 2021. The platform is the biggest social media platform that connects billions of users across the globe. Given its features that promote e-commerce, businesses, and communication, Meta is very popular among all age sets and people of different walks of life.

4. Gjirafa.com

This is among the top news and e-commerce platforms in the country offering users a means to access breaking news and business deals aggregated from around the country and beyond. 

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5. Gazeta express

Offered in Albanian, the Gazeta express website is popular among the residents of Albania. It is a news platform and puts up blogs and articles that its audience loves. These are categorized accordingly to cover entertainment, sports, news, and more.

6. Balkanweb.com

Also on the top 10 websites in Albania list, Balkanweb.com is a news website that also features various blogs. The site is organized to offer information under Technology, Culture, Sport, News, and interesting emerging topics. 

7. Panorama.com.al

Similarly, this is a news website that incorporates blogging. As a highly visited site, Panorama hosts several ads and content curated for Albania. Nonetheless, the site also has information from other countries including news, trending topics, and entertainment content.

8. Classlifestyle.com

This is a lifestyle website that produces content in this line. The material is categorized under Class Life, Urban, VIP, Fashion and Beauty, Health, Love, Culture, and Events.

9. Tvklan.al

This is a website dedicated to Klan TV airing content that is on the television channel and provides viewers a means to catch up on past episodes and on certain occasions access to content before it is aired on TV.

10. Wikipedia.org

Wikipedia also makes it to the list of the top 10 visited websites in Albania as many web users use the platform to seek further information and detailed accounts on people profiles, events, and more interesting topics.

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