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Top Health Benefits of Purple Tea and its Uses in Kenya

Top Health Benefits of Purple Tea, Uses of Purple Tea

Top health benefits of purple tea are highlighted below for healthy living. The tea was developed by the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya over two decades ago and Kenyan farmers began farming it 10 years ago. It is referred to as purple tea due to the color of its leaves which are a pristine purple color in the tea estates where it’s grown.

To distinguish between fresh leaves and those not suitable for use anymore, farmers observe the color of the leaves. Green leaves on a purple tea bush signify an old leaf that should not be picked for processing. 

Processing of Purple Tea

The leaves are first plucked from the tea estates while in their prime signified by the purple leaf color. This variety of tea is grown in regions such as Nandi Hills, Limuru, and Kericho in Kenya.

After the plucking, the leaves are put to a withering process which reduces the moisture content and locks in the tea’s sweet taste. Following the withering process is the steaming or panning stage which prepares the leaves for rolling and drying. 

Health Benefits of Purple 

Purple tea has numerous benefits that enhance general wellbeing and fight existing health problems. The top health benefits of purple tea are listed below:

1. Rich antioxidant

The tea has the richest antioxidant content among the teas available making it excellent in detoxifying cells, tissues, and promotes general health by ensuring that toxins are eliminated from the body.

2. Anti-viral properties

Purple tea can be taken to fight viruses that may attack the body on various occasions without necessitating a visit to the doctor.

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3. Anti-inflammatory properties

The tea is a powerful and natural anti-inflammatory agent that soothes inflamed body parts.

4. Anti-aging properties

Purple tea is believed to have anti-aging properties by boosting the body’s health and eliminating toxins that damage the body.

5. Anti-cancer properties

The tea can fight cancerous cells in the body in their formative stages since it’s a powerful antioxidant. 

6. Reduces cholesterol

Purple tea reduces cholesterol content in the body ensuring that good heart health is sustained. This ensures that users enjoy improved cardiovascular health.

7. Improve cognitive function

Additionally, purple tea is believed to improve one’s mental ability in retaining memory strength. 

8. Detoxifies and improves liver health

The liver is an important organ of the body and purple tea contributes to its regeneration and eliminating toxins that may affect it thus restore its health.

9. Improves vision

Purple tea is also said to improve vision and maintain good eye health.

10. Boosts skin, hair, and scalp health

With its immense and rich nutritional content, purple tea boosts skin, hair, and scalp health preventing hair loss. With the Vitamin C and E components, purple tea is excellent for skin health.

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