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Tristin Mays Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Tristin Mays Biography, Net Wort, Career Journey, Personal Life

Known for her role in MacGyver, the popular TV series that has been running on CBS since 2016, Tristin is an actor and a growing star in theatre arts. She has graced the screens since her childhood and he career has seen an upward trajectory since then. In this article, we will explore the multifaceted and creative life, education, and career of Tristin Mays

Tristin Mays Age and place of birth

She was born in Louisiana, United States of America in 1990. The talented actress is 31 years old.

Tristin Mays Early life and education

It is said when you have an artistic child you can see it right from birth in how they respond to the world. Tristin Mays was one of those children, she exerted herself in many creative endeavors including but not limited to modeling and auditioning for commercials. It was her hard work however that helped her maintain all the lucrative positions she was getting.

She rose to become one of the critically acclaimed child models in the country. Additionally, she got to be part of great national commercials. She grew up in a loving home with parents who ensured they nurtured what was a bundle of talent rolled in a person.

It is quite expected that her dedication and adventurous attitude saw her trying many things in the spectrum. This included even trying to be a recording artist at some point! Of course, it was clear by this point that the creative endeavors were quite diversified. Bringing all these energies and channeling them into a singular craft proved to be instrumental.

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Tristin Mays Personal life

Tristin was raised by parents whose career paths showed why she was as dedicated and artistic as she was. Her mother was an artist while her father served in the military. Contrary to most military parents and their work schedules, she had quite a stable childhood because she was raised in New York, California. Hers is a family of creativity as her brother is also an actor in his own capacity.

Tristin Mays Net worth and Assets

It goes without saying that hard work pays and Tristin mastered the art of consistently working hard. Her work as an actress and as a star in different commercials helped her gain a good income right from childhood. That aside, she dug into a few of her other crafts and built a business where she specialized in selling some fashionable items. We could well say that she is a small entrepreneur. Her net worth and assets are at an estimated $3 million

Real Name Tristin Mays
Age 31 years old as of 2021
Place of birth Louisiana
Nationality America
Marital status Single


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