United States International University (USIU) Fee Structure 2020/2021
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The United States International University-Africa is a private university in Kenya located in Nairobi a few kilometers off Thika Road. It is a renown, world-class institution packed with high quality staff, multi-racial and multi-religious students, high quality equipment and state of the art facilities. It has been in operation since 1969 with a noted gradual growth in the student population.

The University has been recently ranked position 6126 globally and 120 in the continent showing a very good institution of learning. Complete with extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to theater, the USIU is an impeccable institution. It offers Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral programs all highly marketable with many employers recognizing the quality of training offered by the prestigious institution.

United States International University Fee Payment Methods

In this production, we aim to provide the university’s 2020 fee schedule. USIU makes fee payment avenues available to Kenyans and Internationals by accepting fees in the Shilling and Dollar currencies. The students are required to make their payments by bankers’ cheque or deposits as cash payments are not acceptable within the finance department.

The United States International University- Africa requires payments to the school be made at stipulated banks including the Commercial Bank of Africa, Standard Chartered Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Co-operative Bank of Kenya and JP Morgan Chase Bank in New York City, USA.

The University allows payments to be made using card methods for those who wish to swipe their credit or debit cards. This cashless method of payment is highly recommended especially in the present day of a worldwide virus spreading via any forms of contact. Physical handling of money has been greatly discouraged in a bid to minimize the spread of the virus among the population.

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Mobile money payments are also accepted via Mpesa, a tremendous Kenyan invention that has received multiple accolades the world over, to PayBill Business Number: 516900. The payment is then made to the Account Number being the individual student’s Identification Number and their full name as in the admission documents.

USIU requires of all program students to pay the following dues in addition to their respective tuition fees and faculty-specific fees:

Library Fee 5,000
Medical Fee 2,000
Student Activity Fee 1,000
Caution 2,000 (payable once and is refundable)
Quality Assurance 1,000 (payable only once on admission)
Health Insurance (boarding and non-Kenyan) 8,000
Resident Students 4,550
Non-resident Students 2,000
TOTAL 25,550


The following is an outline of various courses with their respective fees for the academic year 2019-2020.

Undergraduate per semester 121,235.56 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Applied Computer Technology and Information 124,268.95 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Pharmacy 182,185.65 (Inclusive of Pharmacy Lab Fee of 10,150)
Epidemiology and Bio-statistics 134,533 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Film Production and Directing and Animation 159,000 (Inclusive of film production and animation lab fee of 10,000)
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in International Relations (MIR) 133,032.25 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Masters in Counseling Psychology (MACS) 133,032.25 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MACP) and Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) 151,570 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology (MSIS) and Master of Arts in Communication Studies (MCOM) 133,032.25 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Masters of Science in Organizational Development (MOD) 594,150.50 (Inclusive of IT Fee and Graduation Fee)
MBA- Global Business Management and MBA-Health, Leadership Management 882,316.60 (Inclusive of IT and Graduation Fee)

250,000- Global Study Tour

Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) 170,830 (Inclusive of IT Fee)
Doctorate of Psychology, Clinical Psychology (PsyD) 165,080
Doctor if Philosophy in International Relations (DIR) 137,000