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Zamtel Staff Training College, Courses, Fee Structure, Admission

Zamtel Staff Training College, Courses, Fee Structure, Admission

Zamtel Staff Training College is an accredited institution of learning in Zambia. It offers diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs for the students that enroll at the institution. It is among other institutions of higher learning in Zambia that attracts several thousands of students in Zambia and beyond.

Courses Offered

For students that want to become students at Zamtel Staff Training College, they have an array of programs to select from. These are offered in faculties or schools, which are the general categories:

1. School of the Built Environment

The school of the Built Environment is dedicated to courses and programs in the construction space beginning from Architecture, Construction Management, Quantity Survey, Urban and Regional Planning, Interior Design, and Real Estate. These courses are offered at Zamtel College for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs.

2. School of Business

The school of Business is another department that often has several students who seek a career in business. Some of the programs include Business Administration, Management Financial Studies, and more. These begin from the diploma level up to doctorate levels.

3. School of Science

The School of Science has an array of programs including Biology, Entomology, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, and Actuarial Science among other paths.

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4. School of Computer Studies

Computer Studies covers various levels of study in the Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) field. Some of these paths are in IT and Programming that can be used in a variety of industries. 

5. School of Engineering

The school of Engineering offers paths in Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. 

6. Short Courses

For students who are looking for an engagement for a temporal time period, Zamtel Staff Training College has programs that they can undertake. These include IT courses, Culinary Arts, and Management Programs.

Fee Structure

The fees charged at Zamtel vary greatly depending on the course and program selected. The short courses and diploma programs cost less than the other paths. Inversely, the postgraduate programs cost the most as they require a remarkable engagement and intensity of work.


To get a spot in the Zamtel Staff Training College, one needs to fill out an application form obtained from the college. These will require information on student details, certificates, and evidence of past accomplishments that will be used in the process of identifying the right-fit students.

Students are required to have these documents along with identification documents ready for the application process to be considered for admission.

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