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Zegna Sneakers: Features Of Sh 120,000 Shoes Worn By Ruto

President Ruto's Sneakers. Photo Credit/Cyprian Nyakundi

President Ruto was recently spotted wearing a pair of expensive sneakers. The shoes, branded Zegna, are estimated to be worth over sh 120 000 a pair.

According to The Editorialist, the pricey shoes, which are made in Italy, are known as “ZEGNA Low Top Triple Stitch” sneakers and are made of pure leather.

According to some online sources, similar sneakers, dubbed the Ermenegildo Zegna’s Triple Stitch sneakers, were donned by Real Madrid players as they celebrated winning the 2024 UEFA Champions League Trophy.

The photo of the president wearing the shoes was doing rounds on social media, and, predictably, Kenyans reacted to it in various ways.

Some defended the Commander-in-Chief’s lifestyle, saying he deserves the expensive footwear since his job, salary, and rank befit the lifestyle.

However, some viewed the president’s choice of apparel as ironic, especially since it came only a few days after he announced that the government would ban the importation of shoes in Kenya by 2027.

Speaking during the 2024 Madaraka day celebrations at Masinde Muliro stadium in Bungoma, the president announced that the Kenya Kwanza government had set aside over sh 100 million in setting up a leather footwear factory in the country in a bid to promote local manufacturing and job creation.

Expensive Wardrobe

Despite its hefty price, the Zegna shoe is not the only expensive apparel owned by president Ruto, who has severally been the subject of equal admiration and criticism for his fashion.

Earlier this year, he made headlines when, while meeting Sultan Ahmed Al Jabar — a minister in the United Arab Emirates government — he was spotted donning a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, reportedly worth about sh 178 000.

Some sources reported seeing the president wearing the same shoes during the 2023 Jamhuri day celebrations.

Other expensive items in the president’s wardrobe include:

  • A pair of Salvatore Ferragamo penny loafers worth sh 128 000
  • A Lange 1 Moon Phase watch worth between $36 000 – $88, 500
  • Run star hike converse sneakers worth $110
  • A Stefano Ricci crocodile belt worth $2800
  • A Bulgari Octo Finissimo Watch worth at least sh 8.7 million
  • A Fredo Ferucci Crocodile Alligator bomber jacket, worth about $ 13, 450

Designer shirts

While president Ruto has made his mark with Kaunda suits, his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, was known for rocking flowery designer shirts, which were no less expensive.

In 2019, the former president was spotted wearing brown Taft Men’s Outback boots, which, at the time, was said to cost around sh 25 000.

Additionally, in 2018, while on a Mombasa tour, he had been spotted wearing a blue Italian Stefano Ricci silk Paisley print designer shirt, estimated to cost about sh 134 000.

However, his shirts were reportedly manufactured by Rivatex East Africa, which was part of a Buy Kenya Build Kenya initiative.

The president was also said to own a Santos 100 carbon watch, estimated to cost about $7600.

Other expensive items owned by Mr. Kenyatta included:

  • An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch, worth over sh 3.8 million
  • A Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch worth over sh 3.3 million
  • Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon watch worth over sh 3.2 million
  • A Rolex Submariner Green Bezel watch worth over sh 855 000
  • A Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch worth over sh 500 000

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