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Aleyna Dalveren Biography, Education, Career, Personal Life

Aleyna Dalveren Biography, Education, Career, Personal Life

Aleyna Dalveren is a millionaire from Istanbul, Turkey whose flashy life has amassed her over 1 million followers on her Instagram page. The lady has explored various career paths finding a way to make them all work harmoniously and attain her remarkable levels of success at her young age. The lady who has explored various career paths and found a way to have them work seamlessly together is the subject of this article as we highlight her background, educational background, and personal life details.

Aleyna Dalveren Age and Place of Birth

Aleyna was born on 22nd July in Istanbul, Turkey where she has spent most of her life as a primary residence. She was born and raised in a well-off family where she lacked nothing as she grew up to establish her own path. Aleyna was born on 22nd July 1994 and turned 24 in 2021. She was born and raised in Istanbul where she has since then established her adult life. Her parents are a well-off couple that made sure that their daughter lacked nothing she ever wanted. 

Aleyna Dalveren Education Background

Schooling in Turkey, she attended Schooling in Turkey, Aleyna atteNisantasi University where she pursued a degree in Cinema and Television for four years. Her passion in acting and film had been a quality she had since she was a child and grew to develop it with time. 

Aleyna Dalveren Career Journey

As a creative, she went into Music and Acting for her career paths. Aleyna does music in her language and thus far the twenty-four-year-old has released four songs titled Sanik, Kiyamam, Enerji, and Havam Yerinde. Her music is available on platforms including YouTube and Deezer for her fans to stream. The songs have achieved success in Turkey as her fame continues to grow particularly in the Music scene. 

On the other hand, she has also pursued an acting career in her adulthood being featured in two film productions so far. In 2006, she acted in Back Streets, Umutsuz Ev Kadinlari in 2011 and in 2019, she was featured in Kral Midas’in Hazinesi.

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Not ending it there, Aleyna has put the two paths together and topped it up with being a digital creator and influencer raking business from her online platforms. She has more than 1 million followers on her Instagram page where she has managed to gain business from advertisements and brand endorsements. These are majorly in clothing items, accessories, and all matters lifestyle. Aleyna Dalveren has been featured in The Rich Kids of Istanbul page on Instagram that is dedicated to showcasing the wealthy lives led by some of Istanbul’s wealthiest young adults. The page showcases cars, choppers, expensive partying, travel, and all the high-end destinations enjoyed by the rich.

Aleyna Dalveren Personal Life 

She is not known to be in any relationship as of 2021 and this could probably be due to maintaining her privacy in that part of her life. 

Aleyna Dalveren Net Worth and Property

Aleyna is already a millionaire at the age of twenty-four being valued at $1 million. She owns an array of luxury vehicles, high-value accessories, and houses in Turkey.

Aleyna Dalveren Contact

Instagram – @aleyna_dalveren

Real Name Aleyna Dalveren
Age 27 (As of 2021)
Nationality  Turkish
Education Level University
Place of Birth Istanbul, Turkey
Birth Sign Leo
Year of Birth 1994
Spouse  N/A
Children  N/A
Profession/Career Musician/Singer
Net Worth $1 Million


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