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Top 10 Best Dermatologists in Kenya, Location and their Contacts

Top 10 Best Dermatologists in Kenya, Location and Contacts
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Dermatologists in Kenya are tasked with addressing a variety of skin problems that clients are often faced with. Skin care and the need to have one’s skin at their best has made dermatology one of the most sought medicinal and sometimes cosmetic services. Below are Kenya’s most preferred skin experts:

1. Avane Dermatology Clinic

Avane dermatology clinic is the Best, Largest and Most advanced dermatology clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. Avane is dedicated to addressing a broad range of skin issues such as acne, pimples, eczema, burns and more. The institution offers other professional services such as Allurion Gastric Weight Loss Balloon Treatment, that have been client-reviewed as effective.
To contact the clinic;
Yaya Center Branch – 0714 500 500
Parklands Branch – 0718 500 500
Gigiri Branch – 0702 300 200

2. Allure Laser, Skin and Aesthetic Medicine Centre

Allure Laser, Skin and Aesthetic Medicine Centre is committed to addressing any skin issues varying from eczema, acne to rashes and burns. The center offers professional services in dermatology aimed at restoring and healing. To contact the center based in Mombasa, dial 0722315315.

3. Dr. Ann Wairimu Imalingat

Dr. Wairimu Ann is a reputable dermatologist whose services are highly sought across the country. Bookings can be done online or on phone to set a date with the dermatologist whose clients have all given positive review about. She is located in Nairobi and can be contacted on 0713168580.

4. Dr. John Muithe Maimba

Dr. John Muithe is among well-established dermatologists in Kenya with a vast experience in handling skin related issues. Based in Nairobi, Dr. Muithe is you go-to solution for all cases skin. To contact him/the facility, dial 0772699753.

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5. Dr. Abda Khan

Dr. Abda Khan is a lead dermatologist in Kenya whose works are hailed across the country. He is situated in Sarit Centre where he offers his derma-consultancy services. To contact Dr. Khan for inquiries, dial 0720861094.

6. Dr. Roop Saini

Dr. Saini is a leading dermatologist with an extensive knowledge and background in skin-related concerns. Offering both cosmetic and medicinal services in treating skin disorders and has several clients referring him to their friends and family. To contact Dr. Roop, dial 0711712512.

7. Dr. Evanson Kamuri Njoroge

Dr. Njoroge is a reputable dermatologist based in Nairobi, the capital and is highly sought for his highly skilled hands and knowledge in handling skin related matters. To contact him, dial 0202716300.

8. Dr. Hanna Wangui Wanyika

Dr. Wanyika is a skin specialist running a center of skin specialists in the business of skin care, treatments and procedures such as laser hair removal. She has a portfolio of successful procedures that have won her the loyalty and trust of her clients. To contact her, dial 0720237558.

9. Dr. Irungu Mwangi & Associates

Dr. Mwangi & Associates is a dermatology- service provider based in Nyeri that offers high quality skin care and treatment services for all their clients. For booking and inquiries, dial 0726399495.

10. Dr. Ochola Charles

Dr. Charles Ochola is one of the best dermatologists in Kenya based in Kisumu whose skilled approach to all types of skin problems and concerns has earned him several new clienteles in across the country. To contact Dr. Ochola, dial 0202023750.

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