Best Maternity Hospitals in Busia County, Charges and Contacts

This article looks into the best maternity hospitals in Busia County aiding in the selection of a maternity service provider in the county.

1. New Busia Maternity and Nursing Home.

The facility is NHIF accredited making it accessible to a big number of citizens in covering medical expenses incurred therein. The hospital is situated next to Bulanda Primary School and offers free maternal services under the Linda Mama Program.

The medical practitioners at the institution are well trained and qualified to provide high quality services to the people. To reach the facility, dial 0722478040.

2. Apex Hospital

Apex Hospital is a private hospital in Busia County dedicated to providing high quality Medicare services and free maternal services under the Linda Mama Program running in Kenya. It is a well-equipped facility in Malaba town having machinery and equipment that serve the people’s health care needs. You can access the facility in making inquiries or bookings at 0712980035.

3. Busia County Referral Hospital

The Busia County Referral Hospital ranks as one of the biggest and most equipped public hospital in Busia. The services are affordable and reliable. The facility offers more than maternity services and includes pharmaceutical, laboratory, dental care, ultrasound, radiology and physiotherapy. To quickly reach the facility, dial 0758721992.

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4. Kocholiya Sub County Hospital

Kocholiya is a level 4 public hospital offering counseling, consultancy, obstetrics, family planning and emergency services to the people of Busia. It is situated in Taso North and is a choice for many expectant mothers who go to the facility for checkups, screening, delivery and for post-natal care for themselves and their newborn children.

5. Stirling Medical Center

Stirling Medical Center situated along Busia-Mumias Road offers varied services to the citizens such as laboratory, family planning, in-patient, out-patient, surgery, family planning and vaccinations. Maternity services at the facility are of high standard delivered by highly skilled and experienced professionals. To reach the facility in Busia, dial 0720668754.

6. Tanaka Nursing Home

Tanaka Nursing Home situated in Busia Town is a provider of several health care services and ranks as one of the best maternity hospitals in Busia. They offer in-patient, out-patient, laboratory, dental care and consultancy services at affordable rates for all the citizens. Maternity services at the hospital are affordable and made accessible to the citizens in the county. To access the facility, dial 0705952930.

7. Alape Sub-County Hospital

The hospital situated along Busia-Malaba Road is a well-equipped and high performing health care service provider. The hospital is committed to offering high quality services to the citizens in laboratory needs, pharmacy, dental care, consultation, family planning and vaccination programs for their children. Maternity services at the facility are offered at affordable rates and handled by top trained staff. To reach the facility, dial 0792671444.