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Best Maternity Hospitals in Nairobi County, Charges and Contacts

Best Maternity Hospitals in Nairobi County, Charges and Contacts

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, is one of the most developed urban areas and is well equipped with the necessary facilities. Maternity hospitals in Nairobi County are well maintained and hire highly qualified and skilled staff to run operations and thus one might have questions and uncertainties in settling on a maternity hospital. This article brings to you the top maternity hospitals in the capital and their contacts and approximate service charges to help you in making the decision.

1. Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Nairobi Women’s is a modern facility equipped with up-to-date technology in handling hospital matters. It not only offers gynecology and obstetrics services but also offers dental, surgery, laboratory and screening services. These are accessible to all. Situated in Hurlingham Medicare Plaza, Nairobi Women’s charges an approximate Kshs 35,000 for a normal delivery and Kshs 64,000 when an obstetrician delivers the baby.

The excellent care and attention offered to the mother and child before birth, during childbirth and after childbirth drives most of the clients seeking maternity services to the facility.

2. Jacaranda Maternity Kahawa West

The Jacaranda Maternity hospital located in Kahawa West is a high performing and affordable facility that offers some of the best quality services in the city. The facility charges an approximate Kshs 39,000 for normal delivery and Kshs 60,000 for cesarean section delivery.

The facility is NHIF accredited and accepts use of the cards in paying for medical services offered at the hospital. The facility has wings that address different societal needs of the patients coming in allowing for focused and specialized attention when offering treatment.

3. Coptic Hospital

Coptic Hospital is one of the best maternity-services providing facilities in Nairobi County. For patients with a preference towards institutions which are based on the Christian faith and observe Christian principles in their dealings, Coptic Mission Hospital is the place to be. It is situated along the busy Ngong’ Road.

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For normal delivery, expectant mothers will be charges Kshs 50,000 and Kshs 130,000 for cesarean section delivery. The facility is operated and run by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

4. Midhill Hospital

Midhill hospital is situated along Naivasha Road and is rated as one of the best maternity hospitals in the city. The delivery wards have been reviewed by past clients as being very comfortable and well ventilated. The facility offers both normal and cesarean section delivery options in its maternity services provision. Moreover, the facility is NHIF accredited and clients can use their NHIF cards to cover their medical expenses.

5. Avenue Hospital

Avenue Hospital is situated along 1st Parklands Avenue in Nairobi and offers a broad range of healthcare services. The facility offers expectant mothers the ABC package (Antenatal Birth Childcare) at Ksh 130,000 along with normal and midwife deliveries at an approximate Ksh 35,000.

The mother and baby’s experience at Avenue Hospital is given critical attention with vaccination schedules set in place, offering vitamin supplements and regular scans for the expectant mother.

6. Mater Hospital

Mater Hospital situated in South B’s Mariakani Gardens is a private facility that offers high quality medical services in the city. Mater Hospital provides cardiology services which have a wide popularity and fame due to the annual Mater Heart Run. The Mater Heart Run is an annual marathon that rallies people from across the country after making financial and time contributions.

They then purchase Mater Hospital merch such as t-shirts to channel to the cardiological work done at the facility. For normal delivery, the Mater Hospital charges Kshs 60,000 and for cesarean delivery, one pays Ksh 165,000.

7. Nairobi West Hospital

Nairobi West Hospital situated in South C along Gandhi Avenue makes the list of the best maternity hospitals in Nairobi County. The hospital charges an average of Kshs 45,000 for normal delivery, and Kshs 140,000 for cesarean section delivery. Moreover, patients can use their NHIF cards to cover some of the expenses incurred in the period at the hospital.

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