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Top 10 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya to Get Loans Faster 2021

best loan apps in kenya

Loan Apps are frequently used by people to get unsecured loans directly to their mobile phones. Some of these apps like Branch and Tala give bonuses for every member you invite using your promo codes or links given in your apps profile. You can download any of them from Google Play store.

1. Tala

Since its founding, it used to be called Mkopo Rahisi till it was recently rebranded Tala. Tala has been well known for providing its loans in the shortest time possible- usually in 5 minutes time.

The app categorizes loanees in the stages namely bronze, silver and gold. As a newbie who has just installed the app in your android device, you are categorized under bronze you can easily get Ksh 500 for a start.

Loanees in bronze category qualify the loan limit which ranges between Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 4999. This limit expands gradually when you keep the app installed and pay your loans on time.

Download it HERE

2. Branch

Just like Tala or any other loan app, Branch has been well known for targeting Kenyans with android and IOS mobile phone devices with active Facebook profile and M-Pesa accounts.

Funds are disbursed via M-Pesa. Branch has pocket friendly and flexible interest rates; no wonder its slowly outdoing the bigwig, Tala because many people have liked it, and given it good ratings on Google Play store.

A Branch newbie user qualifies for Ksh. 250 to Ksh. 500 loan. Branch also rewards its loanees for inviting others to join, borrow and repay their first loan.

Get the app from Google Play store and Use my promo code MM79CY and get free Ksh. 500 free on every member you invite, joins and repays their first loan. Continued use of the app and timely payments may secure you loans of up to Ksh 70,000.

Also, branch will give you Ksh. 200 for free after signing up and paying your first loan of any amount.

Download it HERE

3. Zenka Loan App

This is loan app that has just come in the market and proving to be a problem solver to many. The app rewards interest-free loan for the first time applicants.

All you need to do is to download Zenka app, launch it, fill in a few details, request for your loan and if you are a first time applicant you will get Ksh. 1500 without interest and to be payable within 61 days!

Zenka loan app, is by no doubt the first loan app to reward its clients with interest-free long term loan. Use this link to download the app and use the promotion code 6LPHV during registration for instant loan. Download HERE and use the referral code 6LPHV

4. Utunzi

Utunzi is third on our list and is the third most downloaded loan app in Kenya. Utunzi enables loanees to apply for loans ranging from Kshs. 500 to 100,000.

After installing the app in your android device, you only qualify for the loan after considering your credit ratings on CRB and also depending on how your answer the questionnaire questions at start.

Download it HERE

5. Haraka Loan app

Haraka is fourth on our list. Haraka loan app has good ratings on Google Play store and is currently having more than 100,000 downloads. To apply for Haraka loan, you should have a smartphone which can access Google Play store, an active Facebook account and an Mpesa on your phone. Loans take less than 5 minutes to be disbursed for those who qualify.

Download it HERE

6. Stawika

Stawika loan app is fifth on our list. On installing the app in your device, it evaluates your phone data not limited to Mpesa transactions and also CRB ratings using the ID number and other details that you provided on sign up and gives you loans in not less than 5 minutes in case you qualify.

Get the app here

7. Saida Loan App

Just like Stawika loan app, Saida uses phone data including calls, SMS and Mpesa transactions to evaluate you and give you loans. Saida also uses your details you provide on sign up to check your ratings on CRB. The process of evaluation is rather long; it takes up to 9 minutes to disburse loans to Mpesa.

Download it HERE

8. Pesazone Loans

Here comes another loan app; Pesazone. This app is just like other well-known loan apps. The loans are approved almost instantly on installation after checking on a few things in your smartphone such as Mpesa transactions and your credit ratings. Funds are disbursed via M-Pesa. With this app, you can get between Ksh. 250 and Ksh. 5000 loan.

Download it HERE

9. Okolea

Okolea takes the eighth position on our list. Just as the name says, Okolea has eased loan approvals and made the lives of many Kenyans simple.  

It’s among the fastest growing loan apps in Kenya. The good thing with Okolea is that the loans are given at low interest rates and approvals are done almost instantly. The app currently have 50, 000 Playstore downloads with good star ratings.

Download it HERE

10. Jazika

This app can come to your rescue during emergencies and make you avoid hefty bank interests on their loans. The loan approval is simple and fast. Loans are sent to M-Pesa when you qualify

Download it HERE

11. Craft

Craft app is a mobile loan app that enables instant application of loan to Craft inventors and gets decision instant. On loan approval, cash is sent immediately and directly into your M-Pesa account.

Download it HERE

Other fast growing loan apps that you may also try in case getting loans on the above loan apps fail include:

  • Okash
  • Mkey
  • Mama loans
  • Riziki emergencies
  • Sahihi
  • Mkopo halisi
  • Mula
  • Jambo mpesa loans
  • Tafuta loans
  • Kopa teketeke
  • Mradi loans
  • Jiinue Mpesa loans
  • Rahisisha
  • Pesapap loans
  • Shujaa loans
  • Umoja loans
  • Mkopo 254
  • Coopa loans
  • Nguvu loans
  • Swiftpay loans
  • Haraka Loans
  • Baraka loans
  • SpiderCash loans
  • Imarisha loans
  • Senti Loans
  • Kenya Loans Hub

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