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Top 10 Best Shoe Manufacturers in Kenya

Best Shoe Manufacturers in Kenya

Shoe manufacturers in Kenya have faced their share of tough times and challenges in carrying out their operations in the country. That notwithstanding, these companies have risen to become reputable shoe manufacturers producing quality, durable, functional, and fashionable footwear for different age brackets. This article looks into the best shoe manufacturers in Kenya.

1. Bata Kenya

Bata is the most popular, top manufacturer and retailer of a variety of shoe types operating since 1939. Apart from shoes, the company headquarter-based in Limuru produces and sells other accessories synch as backpacks, socks, and shoe-maintenance products. The company’s website is https://batakenya.com/

2. Umoja Rubber Products

Umoja Rubber Products follows closely as it has been able to permeate to a majority of the Kenyan population. This has been made possible by the production of products that suit various styles, gender, size, and age needs. More details are available here: https://umoja.africa/

3. C&P Industries

This is another leading shoe manufacturer in the country setting the pace in the country’s manufacturing industry. By producing shoes, flip-flops, rain boots, fasteners, and laces, the company spoils its clients with choice.

4. African Leather Industries Limited

Leather Industries of Kenya’s subsidiary – African Leather Industries produces shoes and various footwear that allow for various expressions. The company’s products continue to gain popularity among Kenyans and beyond. More information is available here: http://www.africanleather.co.ke/

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5. Bantu Shoes

Focused on producing official shoes for men and school shoes, Bantu Shoes is a company representing Kenya in the arena. Based in Ngara, it produces and distributes the products accordingly. 

6. Macquin Shoes Limited

Located in Mombasa, Macquin Shoes Ltd is one of Kenya’s top shoe manufacturers and produces indigenous footwear. The company can be contacted on +254 413 434 514/  +254 41 343 2990

7. United Footwear Limited

United Footwear Limited is another shoe manufacturing company that is gaining popularity among the public. Using the vulcanizing process, United Footwear Limited can produce certain items on order.

8. Peponi Footwear Industries

Also situated in Mombasa this is a company that is making its contribution to Kenya’s manufacturing sector. It produces quality products for all ages and genders. 

9. Crown Industries Limited

Another name on the list of best shoe manufacturers in Kenya is Crown Industries Limited which is also a producer of footwear for various age brackets, genders, and style preferences. The company can be contacted here: http://www.crownindustries.org/contact/

10. Adix Limited

Adix Limited is another company holding the country’s manufacturing sector down. It is committed to producing indigenous products using available resources. To visit the website, click here: https://www.adixplastics.com/product-category/shoes/

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