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CBA Portal Login, Sign Up, Create Account, Reset CBA Login Password

CBA Portal Login, Sign Up, Create Account, Reset CBA Login Password

The Competency Based Assessment (CBA) Portal is offered by the Kenya National Examinations Council and avails a number of services for schools. The service is particularly resourceful for the Competency Based Curriculum Teachers in navigating the new processes and functions that have arisen.  Below are the services available in the CBA portal:

  1. Download CBA assessment materials
  2. Download the learner’s nominal roll
  3. Transfer learners through CBA portal
  4. Enter marks on the CBA portal
  5. CBA learner questionnaire
  6. CBA head teacher questionnaire
  7. CBA log in
  8. CBA reports
  9. CBA assessment outcomes/scores
  10. Learner registration

These are the services available through the CBA portal and made available to learning institutions under the leadership of their school heads.

Account Creation and Login

To successfully access these services online unlike back when things had to be done at the offices, the schools have to have a username.

The username is obtained once a school is for the KNEC code. To get the KNEC Code, the school head is required to contact their area sub-county director of education (SCDE) who will guide them on the process of acquiring a valid KNEC Code.

Once accessed, go to the CBA portal at https://cba.knec.ac.ke/ . The page prompts one to enter a username and pin. This is where the KNEC Code comes into play – use the code as the username and input your password.

Password Reset

In case one has forgotten their password, click on the ‘forgot password’ and follow the prompts. A password recovery will be sent to the email provided during the KNEC Code generation, which can then be used to set a new password for the account.

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The CBA portal has eased the processes that initially would consume much time and costs in transport and in accessing the services. School heads can now access reports, scores, get learning materials and questionnaires, transfer learners and register new entrants. These are all accessible and ready for use by the teachers in the CBC program.

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