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Edgar Obare Biography – Age, Career, Education, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Edgar Obare Biography – Age, Career, Education, Girlfriend, Net Worth
Blogger Edgar Obare. IMAGE: Instagram

Edgar Obare Biography

Edgar Obare alias The Tea Master is a Kenyan Content Creator that has touched base mostly on Youtube and Instagram. He uses his platform mostly to expose celebrities and influencers when they do something questionable either on or off social media.

Edgar Obare Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

Edgar Obare was born 28 years ago in Kisumu, Kenya. The hunk controversial content creator hails from the Luo community of Kenya.

Edgar Obare Education Background

To many people, Edgar is just another loud-mouthed blogger who loves to speak foul about other people. One of Kenya’s influencers was silenced the moment Edgar told them that he is actually a Doctor by Profession. With that, he demanded to be referred as Dr.Obare.

Edgar went to the United States International University- Africa (USIU) for his undergraduate. At USIU, he pursued a degree in Information Systems and Technology. He then went to Italy to pursue Masters in Computer Science. To all those who think that Edgar’s stories have not gone to school, there you have it. That man clearly uses his knowledge and skills to give you the real stories that keep you hooked.

Edgar Obare Career

Edgar graduated with his master’s degree in Computer Science in Italy in 2019. During this time,it was unfortunate that he broke his leg while skiing. This then hindered him from applying for jobs since even when called, he could not show up for job interviews.

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While recuperating at home, he decided to start making videos. He actually started by posting them on Instagram but since the videos started getting longer, he shifted and started posting them on YouTube. He had come back to Kenya by this time and had told himself that if content creating wont work out for him in one year, then he will look for an actual job.

His YouTube Channel grew fast because he majored on covering celebrity gossip stories, exposing one celebrity at a time while fixing Kenya one celebrity at a time. He has done stories on celebrities such as Terrence Creative (Kamami), Felix Odiwour (Jalang’o), Natalie Tewa and the ex-boyfriend-Rnaze, Anita Soina, Vera Sidika, Val Marshall and Shaq the Yungin.

After being threatened by many celebrities, he stopped covering personality stories on YouTube and shifted the same to his Instagram account stories, something that made his Instagram account to be verified less than one month later. He has since maintained covering stories on his Instagram stories. What makes him so unique is the fact that despite being controversial, he is so unshaken by the so called mighty people of the industry.

According to him, if you are a good person, he will have no issue with you. It is his followers that do the investigation for him, bring him stories then he does his research and airs them out for the public to read. According to him, he does not charge any shilling for stories because that will destroy the credibility of the said stories.

To earn money, Edgar advertises for a good number of companies on his Instagram accounts. He clearly earns a good amount since in a day, he can post over 20 different brands on his stories that receive over 100,000 views. Many companies have stated how happy they are for doing the ad with them since it performs better than what other modes of advertisements they have used before.

Edgar Obare Expose

The nature of Edgar’s work is that he exposes celebrities, influencers, slayqueens and literally any other person who finds themselves on the wrong side of how things should be. The Master’s Degree holder in Computer science uses his technology skills and knowledge to sieve through stories that his followers send to him to investigate.

After doing his homework, he then puts it out for people to see and know. According to him, he has no beef with anyone. Before doing the expose, he gives the victims a chance to air their side of the story. He is clearly fixing Kenya one celebrity at a time.

Edgar Obare YouTube

The Bandana News Network (BNN) anchor currently has over 75k subscribers and more than 206 videos on his YouTube Channel. He has exposed personalities such as Terrence Creative, Hassan Joho, Natalie Tewa, Joe Mwangi and Bahati.

Edgar Obare Instagram

Edgar Obare (His Teaness) currently has 2 Instagram accounts, with one of them being a backup account. His main account, @edgarobare, is verified and currently has 145k followers. His backup account is @edgarobare2 and has 49.8k subscribers. Follow him for daily tea updates. His instagram stories is where the tea is at.

Edgar Obare Jalang’o

Jalang’o has been the victim to Edgar’s stories two times so far. The first time was late last year when he rounded up girls and invited them for a secret party where the girls were literally taken to be low-key escorts to his male friends in attendance. This happened immediately after he had just got married to his wife, Amina Chao.

A while after, girls came out to say that they have been with Jalang’o despite him being married. Many even showed screenshots of messages, raunchy pictures and even mpesa messages with the one and only ‘well-endowed’ Heavy J being the one behind them.

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A few days ago, hell broke loose after screenshots of the conversations in a group dubbed ‘Boys’ Club’ found its way to Facebook before arriving at Edgar Obare’s platform. The group, that has Edgar Obare and 11 other members such as Sam Young and Cornel being members, capitalizes on sharing photos of the women they have had sex with. They go round collecting women then having sex with them at a house that they have furnished in Kilimani.

They then sexually rotate the women amongest themselves until they are done with them. These members even go to the extent of pulling pictures of random girls from social media then they go ahead to discuss how they have already had sex with them, something that totally goes against the law.

Efforts of the girls to force an apology out of the group members have since born no fruit. A sex tape of Cornel has since taken the internet by storm. Mark you, all of the members but one D.O. are ‘happily’ married. What a shame!

After realizing how much shame was under his name, Jalang’o, who Edgar refers to as ‘The married man that I don’t like’ took to his Instagram to pen down a pity party, something that most netizens could obviously not buy. The narcissistic man even went ahead to blame Edgar for breaking families and causing all the members to receive hate.

Come on Edgar, an apology could have been all that Kenyans asked for. Was Edgar there with you while you created the group and cheated on your wife multiple times? Are you not the same person that drives yourself to your hoes to cheat?

Edgar Obare Wacera

Wacera is Edgar’s known immediate ex-girlfriend. They had quite a public relationship since they shared quite a lot about themselves on YouTube. They first met in the diaspora and Wacera immediately had a crush on her. The two however called it quits about 2 years ago but they remain as very close friends.

Edgar Obare Girlfriend

Edgar currently keeps details about his private life under wraps for security reasons. A while ago, he stated that he is not dating at the moment. His last known girlfriend was Wacera with whom they broke up with about 2 year ago.

Edgar Obare Carolinedxb

While exposing Hassan Joho, the governor of Mombasa County, Edgar found the one and only Carolinedxb that was linked to having had an affair with Joho. When asked, the Dubai-based stinking rich beauty actually replied to his DM even with her having over 1 million followers, something that Kenyan struggling celebrities can never dare to do. Kenyan wannabe celebrities are usually quick to block Edgar, something that boils up the bile in Edgar and makes him dig deeper for stories about the said celebrities.

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However, Carolinedxb replied to him, stating that she and Joho are very close friends. She even showed her love for Kenya and her willingness to do good to the Kenyan people. She later had a live session where Edgar was part of it.

They even became close allies with Edgar and gave Edgar $200 (Kshs.20,000) to give to his followers. Edgar split the money and awarded it to 20 deserving winners, each going home with Kshs.1,000. Edgar’s and Carolinedxb’s followers have since shipped them and want them to date. They have since remained close internet buddies.

Is Edgar Obare Gay?

When exposed, some Kenyan bitter Kenyan men have resorted to calling Edgar gay. If you are an old subscriber, then you know that Edgar and Wacera dated for over 2 years before calling it quits. Edgar has at one time stated that his body count was at 17, all of them being women.

Foul-mouthed, bitter and empty-headed internet users are the ones who have tried to call him bisexual and gay, something that he clearly stated that he is not. According to him, if you have any tea about him, do your research, find your facts right then air it out for people to see.

Edgar has from the past shyed off doing stories about the LGBTQIA community but some clueless people have tried to use this against him, stating that he does not cover the story because he is part of the community. This is all lies. Edgar is straight and clearly loves women. People who have called him gay are Choku (Tanasha’s friend) and Ephy Saint, who is a deadbeat narcissistic father.

Edgar Obare Net worth

Edgar Obare clearly makes some good money doing what he does. He has been able to strike deals with several companies that he advertises for on his stories. His current net worth is not yet out in the public but my best bet is that the tea master already made his first Kshs. 1 million a while ago.

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