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How to Use and Register for the iClick Banking from I&M Bank Kenya

How to Use and Register for the iClick Banking from I&M Bank

iClick Internet Banking from I&M Bank makes it easy to manage your bank finances any time and whenever you want. This has necessitated use of I&M banking services whenever you are; may be in the church, airport hotel, room, at your house seat, in your office etc.

I&M Bank is a reputable venture that has branches in a good number of cities across east Africa. In Kenya, the branches are in major cities such as Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kitale among others.

Long gone are the days when people used to line up on huge queues in the banking halls to receive over-the-counter services. With this service you can do it all at the touch of the button in the comfort of your coach just with your internet accessible device of your choice.

How to Register for iClick Internet Banking from I&M Bank

To register for the I-Click service, you need to do the following:

  • Visit the nearest I&M Bank
  • Fill and complete the Corporate Internet Banking Application Form
  • Fill Board Resolution Forms
  • Submit the form to the Bank

You can also register by visiting the website www.imbank.com from your browser, then click the Internet Banking link. You will be redirected to the I-Click website and follow instructions to register for I-Click. 

Upon provision and authentication of customers details, you will receive an SMS and EMAIL notification of successful registration.

This I-Click banking service will give you the full potential to do anything you will require on your bank account. Its therefore your solution to all your banking needs

For instance, you will be able to do the following to your bank account on your internet-enabled device of choice:

  • Remit funds to anywhere
  • Monitor loan status and apply for loans
  • Make bank requests like bankers’ cheques and request for cheque books
  • Monitor your bank account activities using online statements and transaction advises
  • Buy airtime directly to your mobile phone
  • Apply for credit cards/debit cards
  • Easily transfer funds to your M-Pesa from your bank account
  • Pay for utility bills such as Dstv, KPLC, Zuku services among many others online without hustle.

To read full details about what the I-Click service can do, visit this link. All the above-mentioned services have been made possible due to wide internet accessibility among citizens worldwide. Kenya has not been left behind as a country. Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) has it that by 2017, 89.0% of Kenyans were already able to access the internet.

A large proportion of the above-mentioned percentage were accessing the internet service using internet-enabled smartphones. This year probably, the number of Kenyans using the internet services has skyrocketed.

This could be due to increased civilization, drop in mobile data charges and a significant drop in prices of mobile phones. The iClick is therefore just at the convenient time. All you need is a personal computer, a laptop or an internet-enabled smartphone.

iClick Banking Portal

To access the iClick portal after registration, log onto the official I&M Internet Banking website. On the website you will see two options, Retail Login and Corporate Login. Select the retail login if you are retailer or an individual. Proceed to the redirected page and provide your login credentials. You are good to Go!

Note: Some internet browsers you may be using may require you to download and install java plugin for you to proceed. The java Plugin installation instructions can be read from the internet banking portal.

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