Home People Jaydyn Price Biography, Age, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth

Jaydyn Price Biography, Age, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth

Jaydyn Price Biography, Age, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth

Jaydyn Price Biography

With introduction of TikTok app, came a whole new world for people of all ages to express themselves creatively and create personal brands in their own way. One such person is American youth Jaydyn Price who is the subject of this article as we look at his biography.

Jaydyn Price Age and Place of Birth

Jaydyn Prince was born in 2004 on the 4th of September and is currently 16 years old (2020). He was born in Boston, Massachusetts and has spent much of his life moving around different states with his family before they finally settled in Florida. He is born to a family having 5 siblings named Kyle, Justin, Mariah, Reginal and Jayla.

Jaydyn Price Education Background

Exact details on his educational history are not yet available though he has spoken of a lot of participation in extra-curricular activities at school such as playing basketball and football and performing in school plays, a notable one being ‘A Midsummer Night’ s Dream’.

Jaydyn Price Career Journey

Jaydyn came into public scrutiny after posting several photos on his Instagram page and the fanbase grew even more on his TikTok platform where his videos were widely popular among the netizens. The 15-year-old uses various platforms including Snapchat and Instagram to keep his fans entertained and engaged.

In addition to this, Jaydyn is a model and occasionally uses his brand and fanbase to market other brands and products and get paid for the service. These are his main sources of income at the moment. His career journey has just begun and he definitely has a lot more planned on the way going forward.

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Jaydyn Price Personal Life and Girlfriend

Jaydyn Price is a Christian and is regularly holding conversations on the concept of God. He was also a member of a church group when he was a kid. He is concerned with matters pertaining to the youth and serves as youth ambassador at a non-profit organization called Free2Luv that is committed to empowering the youth across the country in whichever ways possible as they are the future of the society.

Jaydyn came up with his social media name jmoneykix from his first name initial, his future aspiration to be wealthy/rich and his undeniable love for a good pair of sneakers.

Jaydyn Price Net worth and Assets

His net worth and details on the assets he might own are unavailable. He however earns a good amount of money from his endorsements and online content creation.

Jaydyn Price Contacts

Instagram – @official_jmoneykix

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