Home People Kayla Lewis Newman Bio – Age, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Kayla Lewis Newman Bio – Age, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Kayla Lewis (Eyebrows on Fleek) Bio – Age, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth
Kayla Newman Lewis Eyebrows on Fleek. IMAGE: Instagram

Kayla Newman Lewis ‘Eyebrows on Fleek’ Biography

On June 21st, 2014, Kayla Newman Lewis gave the world an invention of a name that has since garnered global use and traction. She said, ‘Eyebrows on fleek,’ on Vine while primping and grooming her eyebrows. The statement ‘on fleek’ has since made rounds online, first circulating through black twitter before finding its way to Ariana Grande’s video.

It then found its way to mainstream beauty pages and articles and they used the statement to illustrate how to achieve very precise yet natural- looking perfect brows. The phrase ‘on fleek’ moved from the eyebrows and beauty department and has since been applied in everyday situations, with the world showing how hip it is with the younger generation.

Eyebrows on Fleek GoFundMe

Despite her being the name behind the phrase ‘on fleek’, Kayla Lewis is yet to make a coin from the phrase, something she is not happy about. This is particularly because big companies such as H&M and Forever21 have since made billions out of the phrase that she materialized.

According to her, even though the phrase infiltrated the American Vocabulary in 2014, no one seemed to know exactly where the phrase originated, or why it was popular. They just went ahead and used it. According to Kayla, everywhere she turned, someone was using the term.

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Kayla has now embarked on a mission to get the recognition she deserves. Part of it involves trademarking the phrase. Kayla went ahead to launch a GoFundMe campaign so as to raise money that will enable her start her own cosmetics line and a hairline. She set a crowdsourcing goal of $100,000. I am guessing the cosmetics line will have the phrase ‘on fleek’ on its name.

Eyebrows on Fleek Birthday, Age, Place of Birth, Nationality

Kayla Lewis is 22 years as of 2020. She was born in Chicago 22 years ago. She is a Black- American young lady.

Eyebrows on Fleek Education

Kayla is studying nursing in school. It is not yet clear what career path she will take, that is, will she focus on her nursing career or will she embark on this cosmetics and hair line path she is trying to fund?

Kayla Newman Lewis Eyebrows on Fleek Boyfriend

Kayla Newman is so secretive and therefore personal details about her dating are not in the public eye. This post will be updated as soon as possible when details are available.

Eyebrows on Fleek Peaches Monroe

Kayla Lewis goes by the name ‘Peaches Monroee’ on her social media accounts.

Eyebrows on Fleek Net worth

Despite launching a GoFundMe, Kayla is yet to receive the amount of money she had a goal for, which is $100,000. Many people are not for the idea of giving her money just because she blubbered a phrase that actually turned out to be a thing. Details of her net worth are yet to be aired in public.

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