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Updated and Latest Mpesa Withdrawal Charges and Rates 2021

Latest Mpesa Withdrawal Charges and Rates 2021

Mpesa is Kenya’s most popular mobile money service. A majority of Kenyans use the service to send and receive money, make payments, make savings and seek short-term loans. The platform charges various rates depending on the nature of transaction.

The rates were revised at the start of the year 2021 following a period of free transactions in sending and receiving money of up to Ksh 1,000. This was to encourage Kenyans to switch to cashless options in the fight against Covid-19.

Moreover, Mpesa from Safaricom will retain the increased holding limit of one’s M-pesa account at Ksh 300,000. Small and Medium Enterprises will continue to enjoy this service in handling their payments.

Free transactions from M-pesa to Banks allowing as many people as possible to stay away from cash options that contribute towards the spread of Covid-19 will also remain in place.

Below are the revised charges which saw a reduction from the previous rates issued pre-covid.

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1-49 N/A
50-100 10
101-500 27
501-1000 28
1001-1500 28
1501-2500 28
2501-3500 50
3501-5000 67
5001-7500 84
7501-10000 112
10001-15000 162
15001-20000 180
20001-35000 191
35001-50000 270
50001-150000 300

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