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Lotfi Zadeh Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, Personal Life

Lotfi Zadeh Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, Personal Life

Lotfi Zadeh, famous for coming up with the Fuzzy Logic, was a celebrated academician whose contributions to the field of academia will forever be held indelible. He was a man who lived well into his nineties and this article takes a closer look at his life. 

Lotfi Zadeh Age and Place of Birth

He was born on 4th February 1921 to his father Rahim Aleskerzade and mother Fanya Korenman. Lotfi was born in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR where he spent his first ten years before his family relocated to Iran.

Lotfi Zadeh Education Background

He was an alumnus of the University of Tehran, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Columbia University. He attained his Electrical Engineering post-graduate degree in 1949.

Lotfi Zadeh Career Journey

Lotfi Zadeh has been described as a Mathematician, Computer Scientist, Electrical Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, and Professor. His career saw him teach at the Presbyterian preacher school – Alborz College where he taught for close to a decade and there met his future wife Fay. After completing his postgraduate degree, he went to Columbia University to teach Systems Theory.

In 1959, Lotfi Zadeh began lecturing at the University of California where he would later innovate the Fuzzy Concept. This came about in 1965 when he published the Fuzzy Sets on 30th November becoming some of the most cited scholarly work by an academician. The Fuzzy theory took an alternative approach to the rigid matters that governed most traditional logic.

The alternative path gave room for ambiguity, or ‘fuzziness’ in concepts to be as close to how humans intricately are as possible. Some of Lotfi Zadeh’s fuzzy concepts such as fuzzy semantics, fuzzy logic, fuzzy events, fuzzy systems, fuzzy information, fuzzy probabilities, fuzzy control, and fuzzy algorithms. He was honored on 30th November 2021 by Google Doodle in recognition of the day he published the Fuzzy Sets.

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Lotfi Zadeh Personal Life 

The Scientist was married to Fay Zadeh with whom he had two children named Norman and Stella. His wife was a published author who wrote My Life and Travels with the Father of Fuzzy Logic which recounted her travels with Lotfi and their encounters with interesting people around the world. 

He passed away in his home in Berkeley, California on 6th September 2017 aged ninety-six.

Real Name Lotfi Zadeh
Age 96 (At the time of his death)
Nationality  American, Azerbaijani and Iranian
Education Level Doctorate degree
Place of Birth Baku, Azerbaijan SSR 
Birth Sign Aquarius
Year of Birth 1921
Spouse  Fay Zadeh
Children  Norman and Stella
Profession/Career Electrical engineer


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