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Ludwig van Beethoven Biography, Education, Career, Personal Life

Ludwig van Beethoven Biography, Education, Career, Personal Life

Classical Music has seen extremely skilled and talented musicians grace the art with great compositions. One such remarkable composer was Ludwig van Beethoven from Germany. His compositions have been celebrated and marked heights of classical excellence. How well do you know the great Ludwig van Beethoven? This article looks into his biography taking the reader into a quick glimpse of what his life was like.

Ludwig van Beethoven Age and Place of Birth

The German composer was born on 17th December in 1770. His parents Johann and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven were not so different from other parents who had a special vested interest in what career path their child would take. In this manner, his father was particularly interested in making a great composer out of Ludwig in the footsteps of the great Mozart.

Ludwig van Beethoven Career Journey

Luckily, Ludwig was equally charged up to be a composer and was set for an exhilarating career. His earliest recorded piece from 1782 when he was just twelve years old is a set of nine piano variations.

At the age of twenty-two, he relocated to Vienna where his compositions went through immense development and he got deeply engrossed in the Art. In Vienna, Ludwig met some of the most influential composers like Australian composer, Joseph Haydn who has often been pitted against Mozart in creativity. Most people, however, still hold that Mozart was greater. What do you think?

Some of Ludwig’s pieces included the 1802 Piano Sonata No. 14 (‘Moonlight’), the 1804 Eroica, the 1824 Choral, the 1825 Late Quartets, Waldstein and Apassionata sonatas, and Fidelio. Ludwig composed complex pieces that would sometimes be dedicated to people close to him. 

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Ludwig van Beethoven Personal Life

His love and earnestness for Music were heavily borrowed from his grandfather who was a bandmaster and a singer. He had a brother who had a son named Karl van Beethoven. Karl was later on left under Ludwig’s care as he had no children of his own. After having to take on the responsibility to take care of his family aged nineteen, Ludwig did not grow to marry nor have children. However, he had a confidante named Eleonore von Breuning and a mother figure named Helene von Breuning. Ludwig would give her children piano lessons when he could. 

At the age of fifty-seven, Ludwig passed on as a result of an illness propelled by alcohol use, cirrhosis, pneumonia, and hepatitis.


Real Name Ludwig van Beethoven
Age 57 (As of his death)
Nationality  German
Place of Birth Germany
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Year of Birth 1770
Religion  N/A
Spouse  None
Children  None
Profession/Career Composer
Net Worth $21 million


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