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Prince Charles Wealth, Biography, Wife and Net Worth

Prince Charles Wealth, Biography, Wife and Net Worth

Prince Charles is now king of the United Kingdom after the death of her mother, Queen Elizabeth II. He is the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Early life

Charles Philip Arthur, Prince Charles was born on November 14th, 1948. He is said to have attended Trinity College. He later went on to have a successful military career, where he ended up taking command of the HMS Bronington.


Prince attended six months of training in the Royal Air Force and then joined the Royal Navy in 1971. He was deeply involved with the Air Force and the navy, gaining a lot of respect for the defenses of their nation.

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Due to his training and exceptional talent, Prince Charles was promoted to the Air Chief Marshal rank. There are no details on when his formal coronation is going to take place. However, it is expected to be soon, as her mother’s crowning ceremony took place sixteen months after her accession.


In 1981 during the summer, Prince Charles married the beautiful Diana Spencer. They later split in 1996, shocking the entire world as Diana was dating outside the marriage. Diana later died in a paparazzi chase accident which led to Prince going into mourning.

After some time, Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles. The two are currently still married and expected to take the crown. Prince Charles has two children, the famous William and Harry.

Wealth and net worth

Since he is now king, Charles Philip now has an estimated net worth of $400 million. Most of his wealth comes from the ancestral wealth that he is expected to inherit from the queen.

Real name Charles Philip Arthur
Age 74 years
Nationality British
Place of Birth Buckingham Palace
Fiancé/ Partner Camilla Parker Bowles
Net worth $400 million

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