Home People Selena Gómez Biography, Age, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Net worth

Selena Gómez Biography, Age, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Net worth

Selena Gómez Biography, Age, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Net worth

Selena Marie Gómez is a greatly celebrated songstress. Her young, sultry and easy going manner shows up in her music and interactions with fellow actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Selena Gómez Age and Place of Birth

Unlike most celebrities in Hollywood, Selena saw it fit to retain her name instead of incorporating one for the stage. This authentic and soft spoken artist was born in July 22nd, 1992 in Dallas, Texas.

Selena Gómez Career Journey

Her career begun at a very young age where she starred in many popular Disney series and TV shows including “Barney and Friends”. Almost effortlessly, she transitioned into doing films in Hollywood where her career grew tenfold, quite expectedly. She did all these in her teen years and this speaks to how talented the Texas-born star is.

The films she’s starred in include the very famous “Hotel Transylvania”, where she voices the lead actress Mavis. The show, which has been in production since 2012 is greatly enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Ms Gómez grew in her career so much that by 2019 she got to be an executive producer for the popular Netflix series, “13 reasons Why”.

The eclectic actress and producer also doubles up as a songstress with a record 7 million albums sold as of 2021. Her specialty in music is rooted in pop, specifically electropop, dance pop and occasionally R&B. The star, born to a Mexican father and an Italian mother, has released a number of singles that have made it to the Billboard 100.

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Some of these songs include “Come and get it” and the most famous “Heart wants what it wants”.  A high achiever at that, she has widely collaborated with a number of artists including powerhouses like Demi Lovato, Zedd, DJ Snake, Ozuna and Cardi B.

Selena Gómez Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

Being a star from childhood comes with its own set of struggles from which Ms. Gómez has not been exempt. The long spoken about relationship with Justin Bieber is one that graced the grapevines for a long time. Newly grown from teenage years, the celebrity admitted that she struggled with moving her life away from the limelight.

Plagued by anxiety and depression in the heat of all the exposure, Selena has since been taking extended periods of breaks from social media platforms. The songstress has reportedly, since Justin Bieber, dated other Hollywood stars like Nick Jonas in 2008 and The Weekend in 2017.

Selena Gómez Net worth 2021

Selena Gómez’ net worth is at an estimated value of $75 million. Her wealth is attributed to all the immense work she does in the industry. This includes all the music she continues to release and her partnerships with various companies like Disney, Hollywood and Netflix. Wealth generation is after all not a hustle when you are as talented as the phenomenal Selena Gómez.

Real Name Selena Marie Gómez
Nationality American
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas, USA
Age 28 Years old
Boyfriend/Spouse Jimmy Butler
Profession Singer/Songwriter
Net Worth $75 Million (Approx)
Children Unknown


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