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Top 10 Best and Reliable Job Searching Websites in Kenya 2020

Top 10 Best and Reliable Job Searching Websites in Kenya 2020

Jobs are the mostly sought commodities globally especially with large bunches of many unemployed people worldwide. In Kenya, about 53% of youths in their productive age are unemployed. There are many job sites out there which are scams and do breach contracts. In this article, we will ensure that you dint fall a victim of such scams. Based on our research, we are going to highlight to you the top 10 best, legit and reliable job websites in Kenya 2020:

1. Brighter Monday

This is a common website on which most people depend on when it comes to job seeking. The website has so far connected more that 1 Million people to their dream employers. T use the platform, you have to create an account and choose among various packages which come with amazing features to enable you stand out to get hooked with your dream job.

2. MyJobMag

MyJobMag is another great and reliable career portal that can hook you to a job. With branches in various countries of Africa, the site was launched several years ago to be a problem solver to job hunters. Using the platform dies not necessarily require you to register with them.

3. Fuzu 

Fuzu was launched back in the year 2015 by Fuzu the Pan-African company. So far, Fuzu is available in East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. To use the platform, a user has to create an account and specify whether they are employers or job seekers.

4. Careerjet

It is a Europe-based job company that was founded back in the year 1999. Careerjet was founded by   Jean-Benoit Andrieu and Thomas Busch and is available to offer job opportunities in various countries across the globe. The job portal is one of the most reliable job websites in Kenya for provision of legit jobs.

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5. Job Web Kenya 

Just like other job sites Job Web Kenya delivers updated jobs for job seekers. The portal does not necessarily require job seekers to create an account. Seekers should read about the available job opportunities and contact the employers directly.

6. Shortlist

To apply for available jobs on shortlist, job seekers are required to register so as to contact employers. Shortlist has hooked many Kenyans to employers too though it is an Indian-based company.

7. Star Classifieds

This is another Kenyan job search portal owned by radio Africa groups. Star Classifieds are the most popular areas to find legit and reliable jobs posted by employers. The jobs can also be gotten by reading the star newspaper on the classifieds section of the daily copy.

8. Ajira Dijital

Ajira is an online employment platform that was launched by the Kenyan Government so as to connect Kenyan youths to employment opportunities. With wide variety of categories, job seekers are able to get connected to their respective employers as per their area of specialization.

9. Career Point Kenya 

For many years, career point Kenya has served as the quickest solution to deliver job opportunities to Kenyans. No account creation is needed for using the job site. Career point Kenya also offers services such as CV writing which is an essential need nowadays. A good CV paints the whole picture of whom you are. Users can also go through a vast number of CV samples so as to up their CV writing skills.

10. Corporate Staffing Services

With this job site, job seekers can apply for up to date variety of jobs in various walks of the country. Just like career point Kenya, Corporate Staffing Services offers other services to candidates such as Interview Coaching, Psychometric Tests, CV Writing Service and Career Coaching Services.

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