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TSC online Pay Slip Download/ TSC T-pay log in portal

TSC online Pay Slip Download/ TSC T-pay log in portal

The Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) is the official employer of all public school teachers in Kenya and as their employer is required to pay their monthly salaries, allowances and any other financial obligations an employee has towards their employee.

The commission established an online pay slip portal that allows teachers to access their present and past pay slips and can download them should they need a hard copy of the same.

Registration for TSC online pay slips

For teachers to access their pay slips online, they must ensure that their records are well maintained and up to date. Online registration is no longer available and for a teacher to be registered, they must visit the nearest Teachers’ Service Commission office with sufficient identification documents for successful registration. They can then use their TSC number and password to log in to the portal.

Operations in the new t-pay portal

Once one is successfully logged in, they can access a menu table that outlines the various functions or operations one can carry out in the portal. First, teachers can view their pay slips, from the current month traced backwards. Four month pay slips are presented on the screen.

Teachers can also view P9 forms for up to three years back for filing their returns in line with tax requirements. Additionally, one can directly send their slips to financial institutions that may require them for purposes such as loan processing. Teachers can view their transactions with third parties and view their documents under the ‘My Documents’ section in the menu table.

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Pay Slip Download

To access their pay slips offline or when in need of a hard copy, teachers can simply click on the print tab at the bottom of the slip, which automatically downloads a copy that can then be printed out. Some teachers may prefer to take a screenshot of the document which can also grant them access to their pay slip.

T-Pay Password Reset

In the occasion that one has forgotten their passwords, they can reset by clicking on the forgot password, answer the questions as prompted by the system and they will receive a recovery or reset email that will allow them log in afresh with a renewed password.

Once reset, one can then log in at https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/ to access all their pay slip information.

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