Home People Tundun Abiola Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Tundun Abiola Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Tundun Abiola Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Most people come from low income to middle income households and manage with whatever they have to make it in this life. This was not the case for one Tundun Abiola who was born into a wealthy family. There is much to be said about what kind of lavish lifestyle she maintains amongst other things. In this article, we will highlight the life and work of Tundun Abiola.

Tundun Abiola Age and Place of Birth 

Tundun’s place of birth is Britain and she is 32 years old. Her exact month of birth is not known

Tundun Abiola Early Life, Education and Career

There is not much known about Tundun’s early life. However, her prominence in the world of law and order signifies that she had quite a great and decent education as she grew up. It goes without saying that she went to the best schools in Britain where she was born and abroad thanks to her parents wealth. Together with her siblings, they really never had to struggle much because they were all children of the now late Don MKO Abiola.

It would also be worth mentioning that they grew up in a Muslim homestead with very strong ideals and a background. With great wealth comes great responsibility and her father together with her mother Bisi Abiola wanted to make sure that their children understood the value of that.

Owing to the value of her immense education and brilliance, Tundun is a UK trained lawyer, well versed with Briton laws and procedures. This is a great thing because most countries in the world which were Britain’s colonies still use the UK format of law. This means she can practice in a number of countries around the world. Tundun has also worked as a legal assistant for a senator in Nigeria and the telecommunication company, Airtel. All these work experiences have made her legible for a number of great work opportunities that are well compensating.

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Tundun Abiola Personal Life

Tundun Abiola is not only an established lawyer she is also a mother of two and a divorcee. It was in the UK that she met her former husband and where they had their wedding. The two experiences irreconcilable differences that eventually led them adrift. Since their separation, Tundun has changed religions from Muslim to Christian citing that she has found solace in her new faith and spiritual practices. Her name has also changed from Tundun to Victoria

Tundun Abiola Net Worth and Assets

Victoria Abiola is obviously wealthy from her work and due to the family she was born in. She owns property in the very pricy Banana Island estimated at 750million Naira. While her exact net worth is not known, it is estimated to be in Nigerian billions

Real name Tundun Abiola
Age 32 years old
Place of birth Britain
Marital status  Divorced and single
Net worth Unknown


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