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[Updated] How to Reverse Wrong Number Mpesa/PayBill Transactions

[Updated] How to Reverse Wrong Number Mpesa/PayBill Transactions

Mpesa to wrong user numbers, PayBill numbers or till numbers occur from day-to-day. This is because over 11 Million are registered with the Mpesa service, of which about 7.5 Million are active users of the service. Here are transaction charges table just in case you missed our previous piece.

To reverse wrong Mpesa transactions used to be a big problem long time ago but luckily enough, the Safaricom company has looked in to the matter and came up with an effective solution.

Mpesa is a money sending/remitting service which is widely used in Kenya. The Safaricom company has gone steps further to partner with global ventures such as PayPal, Skrill, Alibaba, Neteller among many other companies thus making Mpesa a global necessity.

Topping up your PayPal account from Mpesa for instance requires PayPal PayBill number 800088. If you miss one digit or misspell it, the funds may go to a wrong number and will require reversal.

Moreover, an Mpesa transaction to a wrong subscriber number will require even more urgent reversal because people are not trusted. The wrong receiver may withdraw the funds immediately. In this article, you will be guided on how you can reverse such wrong number Mpesa transactions with the click of a button.

How to reverse Wrong Mpesa transaction:

Immediately after realizing that you sent money to the wrong Safaricom Mpesa Number, do the following:

  • Go to the SMS you received from Mpesa for the affected transaction.
  • Copy that Transaction Code and send to the number 456.
  • You should receive an SMS from Safaricom alerting you on the initiation of the reversal process.

NB: This process should be done immediately you realize that you have messed with your transaction so that the receiver does not withdraw the money. In case the money has been withdrawn by the other party, you need to contact Safaricom immediately via the number Mpesa Customer care Number 234.

How to Reverse Lipa Na Mpesa wrong PayBill and Till Number

For Lipa Na Mpesa wrong PayBills and Till numbers, it’s advisable that you contact the merchant directly to request for reversal before you think of contacting the Mpesa customer care. The merchant contact numbers can be got from Safaricom directory by dialing 191 toll free. After you dial the number, you will talk to a human who will ask for the transaction code of the affected transaction from you. The business will then check the transaction and advice further.

Till and PayBill number merchants are to be trusted for reversals because Safaricom checks their credibility from time to time unlike for personal subscriber numbers. If Safaricom receives complaints against the merchants, their tills and PayBill numbers will be revoked and they will be compelled to compensate the claimants.

The whole reversal process will require the following:

  • The M-PESA transaction id
  • Time you send the money on MPESA
  • Your full names
  • Your ID numbers

Other more options you can use to reverse the wrong number transactions include; forwarding the message received to either 100 or 234.  To reverse using this process, you will need to do a bit of adjustments on the SMS of the affected transaction as follows;

  • Go to the SMS received from Mpesa
  • Select the option to edit the message
  • Add the word ‘REVERSE’ at the start of the message
  • Your new message in the editor should read: REVERSE OC12G2CVAG confirmed. Ksh 100 sent to
  • Send the new message to 234, 456 or 100 and wait for the reply from Safaricom.

You can also reverse the transaction by calling the number 234 or 100 to talk to an agent, Provide the transaction SMS received from Mpesa and they will be glad to assist you get back your money. You can also chat with Safaricom customers care team on social medi handles and on their website.

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