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Sultana Citizen TV Actors, Actresses Career Journey and Biographies

Sultana Citizen TV actors Career Journey and Biographies

Sultana is a new drama series airing on Kenya’s Citizen TV, revolving around the struggles that a young girl is going through in the in the culturally conservative Coastal community. The drama series replaced Zora which took over 1 year having aired more that 200 nonstop episodes. On the Sultana’s debut, fans are already in love with it as it features a good number of East Africa’s film moguls.

In our previous article, we featured Sultana Citizen Tv cast, actors and their real names. In this article, we are highlighting the Sultana Citizen Tv actors and on each actor/actress, we are looking at brief biography.

Here is a list of Sultana Citizen Tv actors, actresses and their brief biographies:

1. Mwanaasha Johari

She’s a Kenyan actress and a fashion enthusiast. She was born in the coastal region of Kenya. She is the main actress in the Sultana Tv show playing the role of sultana.

2. Suleiman Fadhili

sultana suleiman fadhili

Fadhili Has been in the acting industry for over 30 years. He has played roles in many films such as Tunaishi Mjini, Masaibu, Sumu, Moyo Nuru, Kipendacho Roho Dawa, Like Father Like Son and in Maria TV series as Omari. He plays the role of Major Jabali on Sultana series.

3. Patrick Francis Owino

He is an actor and an entrepreneur. Has made appearances on Kovu and now as Buya on Sultana Tv series.

4. Kadide Junior

Kenyan actress, film director and script writer. She has been in the Kenyan film industry for over 20 years.

5. Annete Odusi

She is an actress and model based in Mombasa. She has been featured in Maza, Fatuma, Matatizo, Saida and now acting as “Zuu” on Sultana.

6. Lolani Kalu

lolani kalu - babu sultana

He is a retired Kenyan journalist and an actor. He used to be a Swahili news reporter at NTV Kenya. He is playing the “Babu” role on Sultana.

7. Othman Njaidi

He is also known as Patrick Kanumba. The late famous Swahili/Bongo movie star Stephen Kanumba is alleged to be his brother. He came to fame after he starred in the movie titled uncle JJ.

8. Anjie Magio

She plays her role as Fatma on Sultana. Angie is an actress, counsellor and a designer. She has appeared in many drama series such as Selina, Maza, Kadada, Sumu, Utandu etc. She began her acting career back in the year 2002.

9. Bwire Ndumbe

She is an actress, baker, director, producer, musician and song writer. She had made appearances in the local drama series such as Tehanani on Maisha Magic East.

In no particular order, other actors and actresses who make the drama series a success are as follows:

Bi Ua real name Marian Ahmed Mzee

Bi Salama real name Rehema Rajab

Mareno real name Juma Shambi

Zuu real name Annette Odubi

Mwanzele real name David Mbiko

Abya real name Verity Wakilo

Jabali real nameJunior Othman njaidi

Baby JJ real name Aqsa Shani

Baby Sultana real name Mercy Shani

Young Jabali Junior real name Khalid Jamal Ali

Dr. Kambi real name Yasmin Esmail June

Dr. Kokan real name Nelson Mandela

Kokan Junior real name Issa Mwandigo

Dida real name Winnie Bwire


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