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A list of Best Car and Motor Insurance Companies in Kenya

A list of Best Car and Motor Insurance Companies in Kenya 2021/2022
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As the number of car owners in Kenya increase by the day, the importance of being under and insurance company keeps growing. With myriad of insurance companies in Kenya, the options are many and they offer a variety of related services to motorists. In this article we will comb through the best car and motor insurance companies in Kenya.

1. CIC Insurance

Being one of the most diverse insurance companies offering agriculture, health, travel, marine and domestic insurance, CIC has a reliable track record when it comes to insurance. In addition to that, the CIC group has been in operation for 3 decades, consistently providing flexible insurance services to Kenyans. They offer to cover both private cars of all models and PSVs for those who own matatus and commuting buses.

CIC ensures that their clients enjoy benefits ranging from financial protection in the case of road accidents, riots to theft in excess. The most unique but about this company is that it offers these services to clients within the COMESA region. This cover is available even for trucks on transit as long as there within the specified region for as low as Kshs. 20,000 inwards.

2. APA Insurance

The APA insurance cover offers a wide range of insurance covers ranging from medical to motor commercial insurance. The cover insures the motor owners signed with APA against accidents, floods, fire, and even theft. In the case of a third party involvement, APA also insures vehicles if a liability has arisen from the usage of said car. Unlike CIC, the radius of operation is only limited to counties in East Africa.

Additionally, the cover insures all cars including but not limited to private cars. This means that cars on transit ferrying good or passengers like trucks, minibuses and tractors are also covered according to the package you choose. This package is divided into tiers and their costs vary.

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A differentiating factor is that the insurance goes to the extent of covering losses caused by third party deaths, injury of bodily damage. This cover applies to PSV taxis and private hired cars that are insured

3. UAP Insurance

In East Africa, UAP is a renowned general and medical insurance company that has a wide range of assets. It is mostly popular because of its affiliation to Old Mutual, which is a company that specializes in personal and corporate investment solutions.

Ever innovative, the UAP motor insurance covers a wide base of vehicles, whether personal or commercial. In the case of accidents, the insurance company does not only insure the vehicles but also the emergency medical expenses involved in said accidents.

There are different palms that come with the different those of cars one may wish to insure. The most intriguing part about these insurance covers is that they not only cover for the repair or replacement of damaged vehicles but also in case of third party involvement, the parties can be compensated. The covers are equally generous for those who choose to insure commercial vehicles including minibuses, on-transit trucks and PSV taxis.

4. BRITAM Insurance

BRITAM prides itself in having a wide range of insurance provision, amongst them being education covers. Their motor covers are as good as the rest of the other insurance provisions. Amongst their services, they offer comprehensive insurance, motor commercial vehicles and third party insurance. The cover includes protection against harm resulting from road accidents.

These accidents also include those caused by natural disasters such as floods, fires and third party usages. For motor commercial vehicles, the cover ranges from financial protection against road accidents to legal fees incurred in case of a legal issue that occurs in the process of settling accident bills and qualms.

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