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Best Maternity Hospitals In Mombasa, Contacts, Services and Charges

Best Maternity Hospitals In Mombasa, Contacts, Services and Charges

County 001, Mombasa County is a coastal town and, in this article, we take note of the top performing and most preferred maternity hospitals.

1. Seaside Hospital and Maternity

Seaside Hospital and Maternity offers a variety of medical services in Mombasa including a general medical clinic, maternal services, physiotherapy, dental care, antenatal care and vaccinations. Seaside is situated along Bishop Malarios Road and can be contacted at 0727500294.

2. St. Thomas Maternity Hospital

St. Thomas Maternity Hospital is a NHIF accredited institution that allows for patients’ medical expenses to be covered by the insurance. It is a preferred institution for maternity needs because of the affordable prices charges at the facility, focused care and attention to individual patient needs. It is situated opposite Beliel Plaza in Kona Mpya. To reach the facility with inquiries, dial 0705718906.

3. Bomu Hospital

Bomu Hospital is situated in Changamwe, Likoni. The facility deals in obstetrics and gynaecology, laboratory tests, maternal and child health, in-patient and out-patient services, and in family planning.

To contact Bomu Hospital, dial 0722574755. Client reviews of the facility show that it is a safe, reliable, efficient and offer high quality service. The hospital staff are well trained and equipped with supportive machines and equipment to facilitate their work in attending to patient needs.

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4. Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa

Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa, is a branch of the broader Aga Khan group and is a preferred provider of maternity and medical services in the county. The institution is not limited in the services provided and covers antiretroviral therapy, emergencies, obstetrics and gynecology, antenatal care, family planning, in-patient and out-patient services.

The hospital offers world class standard locally and ensure that clients receive the best treatment and care possible. To reach Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa in times of emergency or to make inquiries, dial 0202312953.

5. The Mombasa Hospital

The Mombasa hospital is situated next to Treasury Square in Kizingo. It is among the top performing hospitals and runs a top maternal services unit on the facility. It offers laboratory facilities, pharmaceutical services, consultancy, pediatrics, theater and surgery services for their clients. To reach the facility, dial 0722203755 to place inquiries and call in times of emergency.

6. Coast Provincial General Hospital

Situated in Bondeni, the Coast Provincial General Hospital is a top medical provider in the coastal region. The hospital is NHIF accredited allowing for medical expenses to be covered by one’s insurance. Expectant mothers approve of Coast Provincial General hospital in delivering their children because the staff handle them with utmost respect and care, and the hospital’s medical costs are affordable.

7. Mewa Hospital

Mewa hospital is situated along Lumumba Road and is one of the most preferred hospitals for delivering mothers. The facility is a project developed by the Muslim Education and Welfare Association and seeks to provide affordable health solutions for the residents of Mombasa. The facility runs 24/7 and offers a broad range of services.

These include in-patient and out-patient services, obstetrics and gynecology, prenatal and postnatal care, ultrasound, ambulance and laboratory services. The cost of delivering a baby under normal delivery is approximately Ksh 20,000. To reach the facility, dial 0722596203.

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