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Best Maternity Hospitals in Nyamira County, Charges And Contacts

Nyamira County has some very high performing maternity hospitals that serve their residents and offer high quality care. This article explores the different facilities in the county to help one in deciding on a maternity service provider in Nyamira.

1. Nyansiongo Maternity and Nursing Home

Nyansiongo is a well-known facility in the region situated in Nyansiongo Town. The facility is NHIF accredited and all expectant mothers receive quality and free maternal services.

The hospital is part of the Linda Mama Program spearheaded by the first Lady, Margaret Kenyatta in boosting the nation’s strides towards Universal Health Coverage for all Kenyans. All expectant mothers in the region can now access high quality and free services. To reach the facility, dial 0736381826.

2. Rangeyo Mission Health Center.

This health facility ranks highly in the list of top maternity hospitals in Nyamira given their excellent services and free maternal care to expectant mothers. The hospital is under the Linda Mama Program that covers all the expenses incurred by a delivering mother at the facility.

This has improved the general maternal and child health in the region because the service is now easily accessible. Moreover, this is the choice to go for where one has a preference towards faith-based institutions that operate by Christian principles.

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3. St. Josephs Nyansiongo Health Center.

Yet another high performing maternity service provider is the St. Josephs Nyansiongo Health Center. It is a facility run based on the Christian faith and principles. It offers free maternal services to expectant mothers since it is one of the facilities under the Linda Mama Program that seeks to make maternal and child care accessible to all citizens regardless of class.

4. Nyamira Maternity and Nursing Home

Nyamira Maternity and Nursing Home offers an array of medical services to the public including counseling, family planning, laboratory services and pharmacy services. Mothers give positive reviews on the maternal services offered at the facility citing courteous staff, comfortable wards and affordable pricing as some of their best factors about the facility. To reach the facility, dial 0733655653.

5. Roman Maternity and Nursing Home

Roman Maternity and Nursing Home is one of the best places to deliver your child in based in Nyamira County. The facility is a level 3 institution that is privately run and operated. The services offered at the facility are of high quality and yet affordable to most of the residents. Normal delivery and cesarean options are provided at the facility on varying price ranges.

6. Nyamira County Referral Hospital

Nyamira County Referral Hospital is a level 4 government-run facility that offers a wide variety of medical and health care services. The hospital is a leading provider of surgical, dental care, pharmaceutical services, in-patient and out-patient services, consultancy and laboratory services. The facility can be easily accessed by dialing 0758721998.

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