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Best Maternity Hospitals in Kisii County, Services, Charges and Contacts

Best Maternity Hospitals in Kisii County, Services, Charges and Contacts

This article looks at the best maternity hospitals in Kisii County, the services offered at the institutions and their charges.

1. Mediforte Hospital

Mediforte Hospital is a level 4 NGO hospital owned by the Meditest Group, a healthcare provider that focuses on diagnostic services. It is situated in the Mediforte Building along Kisumu Road near Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital. The hospital offers in-patient and out-patient services, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery and Intensive Care Unit admission. To quickly access the facility, dial 0768105575.

2. Tabuka Mission

On the list of the top maternity hospitals in Kisii is Tabuka Mission situated along Nyanchenge-Tabuka Road. It is a high performing facility that renders sustainable and affordable health care services to its clients. These include pharmaceutical services, consultancy, laboratory services and obstetrics.

The staff at the facility are obtained from a pool of highly trained and qualified professionals such as doctors, nurses, clinicians and laboratory attendants. To quickly reach Tabuka Mission, dial 0721361953

3. Hema Hospital

Hema Hospital situated along Gusii Stadium Road is among the top maternity service providers in Kisii County. It is a facility that offers in-patient, out-patient, laboratory, antenatal, consultancy and laboratory services. Clients have reported great customer service and attention to individual needs as some of the best qualities of Hema Hospital. To reach the facility, dial 0705820301.

4. Galaxy Medicare Center

Situated in Lengatia house, Galaxy Medicare is a provider of gynecology services, radiology, orthopedic, dental and theater services. The residents of Kisii County have rated Galaxy as one of the leading providers of maternity services and offered at affordable rates. The maternity section offers care for the mother and her unborn baby, care and support during childbirth and further care and advice after childbirth. To reach the facility, dial 0712283061.

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5. Nyangena Hospital

Nyangena Hospital is ranked among the leading service providers in Kisii and is situated along the Suneka-Migori Road. The facility offers free maternity services making it accessible to all mothers regardless of their class thus reducing the risks of giving birth at home without professional assistance. The hospital also provides CT scan examinations, ultrasound, pharmaceutical services, Intensive Care Unit admission and emergency response services. To reach the facility, dial 0732749146.

6. Getembe Hospital

Getembe Hospital is a leading provider of medical services in Kisii County. The facility renders laboratory, pharmaceutical, theater, family planning, and immunization services to clients. The obstetrics and gynecology department offer high quality maternal care and newborn care for the babies all at no cost. The maternity services at Getembe hospital are free of charge. To contact the facility, dial 0725632476.

7. Oasis Specialist Hospital

The Oasis Specialist Hospital in Kisii County is among the top providers of maternity services in the county. The hospital renders surgical, dental, immunization, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology services.

In-patient and out-patient services are available at the facility and one can access high quality consultancy services. The maternity services begin before childbirth, offering supplements to the mother, deliver the child in the safest means possible and postnatal care is also offered at the facility.

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