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Cheapest Internet Providers in Kenya

Cheapest Internet Providers in Kenya

Internet connectivity has become a critical need in society today. This was fuelled in 2020 by the global Coronavirus pandemic that necessitated Working From Home, maintaining connections and relationships virtually, and carrying out most of the conventional tasks virtually. With the pandemic shape-shifting in different variants, hybrid workspaces and remote work/learning can be foreseen to go on further. Which are your internet provider options as a Kenyan citizen? This article looks into the cheapest internet providers you can contract for the service.

Factors to Consider:

In selecting your internet service provider, you have to take into account several factors including connectivity speed you need, reliability of customer support, cost, the flexibility of plans, and your cyber security. Professionals signed to the providers will often answer your questions on these. Additionally, you should carry out your own research to identify what is the best fit for you and your usage needs.

Poa Internet

Poa Internet is a home WiFi provider offering connection of speeds up to 4mbps. The company has been connected to various residential properties across the country. To access the service, users pay a monthly fee of Ksh 1500 after a one-time installation fee of Ksh 2000. Customer support is available on 020 7608555.

Elink Networks

This company offers internet of  7, 11, and 15Mbps speeds. 7Mbps packages cost users a monthly Ksh 2500, 11 Mbps users pay Ksh 4,000 and 15Mbps users pay Ksh 6500. The customer support is reliable and can be reached on +254733321600

JTL Faiba

JTL Faiba is a fast-rising company and quickly securing a market in Kenya. Currently, the company offers WiFi connections in select locations in the country. The cost for the service ranges from Ksh 10,000 up to Ksh 50,000 for the fastest speeds.

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Zuku offers WiFi solutions for users across the country. The company commands over 50% of home plans in the Kenyan market due to the flexibility of plans, and reliability of the service. The home internet provider charges Ksh 2799 for 10Mbps speed, Ksh 4199 for 20 Mbps, and Ksh 5999 for 60 Mbps internet speed.

Skynet Broadband

The company is another internet provider in the country with a countrywide reach. The cheapest package costs Ksh 6,800.

Hai Internet

Among one of the upcoming providers is Hai internet competing with the other providers in the market. To be attractive to clients, the provider offers reliable internet connectivity with prices beginning from a minimum of Ksh 2,874.

Tabana Wireless

Tabana Wireless is also among the relatively latest entrants into the market offering internet solutions to users depending on their needs and budgets. For 1Mbps speeds, clients are charged Ksh 800, while 8Mbps speed users are charged Ksh 7000.


Telkom offers unlimited data plans to its clients regulated with data caps for each of the plans under the Fair Usage Policy. Some of the plans include a weekly 10GB package worth Ksh 1000 and a monthly 30GB data plan worth Ksh 3000.


Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications company offers internet services to their users. Apart from bundled internet services, Safaricom is among Kenya’s internet providers for most of the residential areas around the country. For 5Mbps speeds, users are charged a monthly fee of Ksh 2999, Ksh 4100 for 20Mbps users, Ksh 6299 for 40Mbps users, and Ksh 12,499 for 100Mbps users.

Access Kenya

Access Kenya offers high-speed internet services to its users in Nairobi and Mombasa. It comes with an installation fee of Ksh 8500, and then clients pay for the monthly services from Ksh 4000.

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