Top 10 Fastest Rappers in Uganda And Their Net Worth In 2020
Rapper Da Agent. Image: Instagram

Uganda is home to some of the fastest rappers in the planet. According to Uganda’s news, Hip-hop is the most consistent genre in Uganda’s musical scene. It has since generated massive appreciation and recognition from Uganda, Africa and the entire world at large. Below are top 10 best and fastest rappers in Uganda and their net worth in 2020:

1. Da Agent

Ivan Wabwire aka Da Agent is one of the fastest rappers in Uganda. Despite being compared to rappers such as Gravity Omutujju and Ziza Bafana, he claims that people do not know what they are doing since he has practiced speed in rap since his high school days. His current net worth is about $600,000.

2. Navio

Daniel Lubwana Kigozi aka Navio is a celebrated Ugandan rapper who was previously part of the award-winning Hip-hop group known as ‘Klear Kut’. The group was behind the term ‘Ugaflow’ which was used to define Uganda’s hip-hop scene. Some of his albums include Strength in Numbers, Half the Legend and The Chosen whereas some of hit songs are Bugumu, Ngalo and One & Only. His current net worth is about $600,000.

3. J-Wats

Watsaba Jude aka J-Wats is one of Uganda’s new artist and fastest rising rapper. He is behind songs such as All Night Long, Proud, Holla and Obumiri. In 2018, he got the Song of the Year Award at the 256 Hip Hop Awards after he dropped his song ‘Hello.’ He recently released his single known as ‘Control’ that has many jamming to it. His current net worth is about $80,000.

4. Babaluku

Silas Babaluku Balabyekkebo is a talented 41-year-old Ugandan rapper, singer, producer, community youth activist and businessman. The Bavubuka Foundation founder is a member of Bataka squad who raps in Luganda. Some of his hit songs include Kampala, Luga flow and Abawagizi. His current net worth is about $400,000.

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5. Lyrical G

Jeff Kintu aka Lyrical G is a talented Ugandan rapper, vocalist as well as producer. He has a total of 9 albums released. Lyrical G was named among MTVs best Ugandan hip hop artists in 2016. His current net worth is about $200,000.

6. Recho Rey

Recho Rey is a young Ugandan rapper that infuses a modern style to her rap. She sings Lugaflow but with some modernity incorporated in it. Some of her songs include Who is she? Cheating and Guma Bakunyige. Her current net worth is about $200,000.

7. Gravity

Gravity Omutujju is a 27-year-old talented Ugandan rapper who raps in Luganda. He is under a record label known as Trouble Entertainment and has been able to drop an album known as Winner. Gravity is one of the best Luga Flow artists. Some of his hit songs include Gravity, Olimba and Kappa Yo. His current net worth is about $200,000.

8. Flex D’Paper

Alex Julius Kwesigabo aka Flex D’Paper is one of the fastest rappers in Uganda. He is a 30 year old Ugandan rapper and songwriter who was born and raised in Kampala. Some of his albums include Leader, Not for Sale and Shutting Down Towns. His current net worth is about $300,000.

9. BigTril

If you have ever heard the song ‘Parte after parte,’ then this 6’4 tall Ugandan rapper is the person behind it. His name ‘Bigtril’ is acronym for ‘Born in Greatness To Rise Into a Legend’. Some of his other hit songs are Awo and Sibalaba. His current net worth is about $500,000.

10. Keko

Rayon Payne is a talented Ugandan rapper and radio host that was born on 7th November, 1974 in Georgetown, Guyana. She recently revealed that she is a gay rapper and is not shy about speaking up about her sexuality. Her current net worth is about $180,000.