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How to Fill TPAD, Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development

How to Fill TPAD, Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development

Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) is an appraisal system that the Teachers’ Service Commission developed to enhance teacher professional growth and to benefit learners by improving the outcomes of their learning. This will maintain high teaching standards at all institutions.

TPAD Portal login

The Teachers’ Service Commission under the leadership of CEO Nancy Macharia runs an online platform for the filing of TPAD online. There are six login options on the platform discussed below:

1. Teacher/Deputy

The teacher/deputy login path is for the assessment of professionals at this level. To login, one must have created an account on the platform which requires one’s TSC number, ID Number, Phone Number, Email Address and a security password. From then on logging in will be using one’s TSC and ID Numbers and their password.

2. Head of Institution

Heads of institutions have a different appraisal matrix and use this login path on the platform. Creating a TPAD account follows a similar procedure which syncs with details one provided in the processing of their TSC numbers. Logging in requires one’s TSC and ID Numbers followed by a security password.

3. Curriculum Support Officer

Curriculum Support Officers play the role of ensuring that the school operations run smoothly without unnecessary hindrances. They are TSC employees as well whose performance is tracked via the TPAD platform. They have differently constructed standards to meet in their performance reviews.

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4. Sub-county Director

Sub-county directors of education in the sub-counties of Kenya are tasked with overseeing schools’ performances in their jurisdiction areas and ensure that they are adequately resourced to provide quality education. Their performance appraisal reflects their input in the sub-county educational institutions per period. logging in requires creating a TPAD account and logging in using one’s TSC and ID numbers.

5. County Director/County ICT

The county directors of education and county ICT professionals in the forty-seven counties under TSC employment have a mandatory performance appraisal available via the platform. To log in, use your TSC number, ID details and password used in account creation.

6. Regional Director

Regional Directors of education are the other group of employees serving under TSC who go through their performance appraisal on the TPAD online platform. They are the senior-most assessed group on the platform. To sign in, use your TSC and ID numbers and a secure password to log in.

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