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List of Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya 2021

List of Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya 2021

Pharmaceutical companies are entities that are licensed to commercially research, develop, market and distribute medicinal drugs. These companies are in the business of making drugs and supplying them to institutions, retailers and more. Kenya’s top pharmaceutical companies are listed below.

1. Sunpar Pharmaceutical Ltd

Sunpar Pharmaceuticals is a company committed to provision of quality medicinal products to government and non-government entities. To contact Sunpar for inquiries and more, dial 0722206200.

2. Europa Healthcare Ltd

Established in 1996, Europa Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical company in Kenya based in Nairobi with an aim of bringing in India and Europe medicinal products to the Kenyan market. Under the leadership of Ashwin Kotadia, the company seeks to deliver high quality products and can be contacted at 0202240614.

3. Transwide Pharmaceutical Ltd

Transwide is a private company committed to warehousing and distributing pharmaceutical products, and other supplies to other distributors. To contact Transwide Pharmaceutical Ltd, dial 0722513816.

4. Shamchem Pharmaceutical

Shamchem Pharmaceutical is a company dealing in warehousing, distributing and retailing medicinal products. To contact Shamchem, dial 0704972627.

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5. Wessex Pharmaceutical Ltd

Wessex Pharmaceutical Industry is in the distribution and wholesale section of the supply chain and ensures that the required drugs get to the customers in Kenya. To contact Wessex, dial 0738336699.

6. Kentons Ltd

Kentons Limited based in Kisumu County is a leading pharmaceutical company in Kenya in the business of sourcing, warehousing and distributing medicinal supplies. Their customers are varied ranging from retailers, institutions to organizations. Orders can also be made online on the company website. To contact them, dial 0572022340.

7. Sai Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Sai is a company run by pharmacists and a financial professional in director roles. The company offers services in drug registration, sales, imports and administration among more. They currently make annual gross earnings in excess of 1 billion Kenya Shillings. To contact them, dial 0721243322.

8. Beta Healthcare

Beta Healthcare International Limited is a company that sources a variety of products for sale and distribution to other retailers. Supplies are sourced around Africa and across the world. To contact them, dial 0724257072.

9. Dawa Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Dawa pharmaceuticals is a company that is committed to manufacturing quality human healthcare products in Kenya and East Africa. To contact them, dial 0203569904.

10. Regal Pharmaceutical Ltd

Regal Pharmaceutical Limited is a leading producer of human use medicinal products across East Africa. They are a reliable group that has won the loyalty of their clients. To contact them, dial 0208564211.

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