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A List of Top 10 Safest Places to Live In Somalia 2021/2022

A List of Top 10 Safest Places to Live In Somalia 2020/2021
Hargeisa City: Image: Twitter

The once huge touristic hub has over the years become one of the most dangerous places to live in in Eastern Africa. Civil wars and terror attacks have completely rendered most areas in Somalia, a country in the horn of Africa, unsafe.

The Autumn attacks of 2017 that left over 350 people in Mogadishu dead has been one of the deadliest incidents ever in Somalia. However, with Mogadishu being one of the most dangerous place in Somalia, there still exists other safer places to live in Somalia. Below are 10 of the safest places to live in Somalia in 2022:

1. Hargeisa

Hargeisa is the self- proclaimed capital of Somalia. It is a safe, quiet and peaceful town, away from the violence and terror- stricken Mogadishu. Hargeisa is self-governing, something that has actually helped the area be non- violent. The town has police officers that bring in law and order. You will also be able to spot a few monuments. Hargeisa is a safe town in Somalia to tour and live in.

2. Berbera

This is a beautiful trading town that was once trampled by the Ottoman imperialists. The area is the perfect blend of trade and beach life. Berbera is a desert-like town that has beaches such as Bathela and Batalale. Berbera is widely known as a major harbor around the Gulf of Aden area.

3. Beledweyne

With a population of about 400,000 people, Beledwey is one of the safest places to live in Somalia. The area is relatively safe from militants. However, the main issue here is flooding, something that the government is looking into.

4. Las Anod

Located on the western side of Somalia, Las Anod remains as one of the safest places to live in Somalia. This area also welcomes a lot of foreigners each year.

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5. Lamadaya

This beautiful little town is commonly known as the waterfall touristic haven of Somalia. This area is safe to live in and tour as well.

6. Zeila/Seylac

Modern Zeila is a traveler’s haven. It is located at the north-western part of Somalia, almost bordering Djibouti. The area is quite rocky sandy and hilly but if you move slightly to the west, there lies the Zeila coast where one can stroll by the shore and enjoy the view. There are a good number of islands on its Archipelago such as Aibat Island.

7. Bosaso

With a population of over 700,000 people, Bosaso stands as the main and largest harbor in Somalia. The city has greatly developed over time. It is well endowed with infrastructure such as roads and airports. Shopping centers, churches, mosques and schools are also available. Ostrich farms, sandy beaches and hiking spots are also available here.

8. Lag Bagana

This is a tropical little village that is beautified by golden sands, waxy palm trees and relaxing breeze as you take a stroll by the Indian Ocean. The area is also home to Lag Bagana-Bushbush National Park.

9. Garoowe

Garoowe is a fast-growing municipal town at the center of Puntland, which is an autonomous state that manages the entire northern part of Somalia and the horn of Africa. It now has lots of infrastructure and social amenities such as paved roads, hospitals, schools, NGO offices and libraries.

10. Puntland

Despite it having kidnappers in some of its places, the area is fairly safe compared to areas such as Mogadishu. Just make sure you do not walk alone.

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