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Latest Police rankings in Nigeria & their symbols

Police ranks in Nigeria & their symbols - All Facts you need to Know

Police ranks in Nigeria is the most sought phenomena across the web-sphere. The institution of police or policing was established way back in time. Even though it has slavery connotations to it, the institution has since undergone reforms that have transformed it into respectable system. To that end, the institution has taken many different forms in different countries.

The Nigeria Police Force is in charge of enforcing law in a means to ensure that the members of society are harmonious and live according to set rules. Currently headed by IGP Usman Baba Alkali, the NPF is organized to ensure that order is maintained across the regions in the country.

In Nigeria, the police force was first established in the Imo state as the Nigeria Police Force. Later on, it was given jurisdiction over the whole country. The institution has different rankings and with different responsibilities. In this article, we will tackle the Nigerian police ranks in ascending order and the symbols used for each of them.

1. Constable

The constable is charged with being the direct contact person with the public. They are tasked with day-to-day interactions with the citizens addressing matters that arise, address traffic, make citizens feel safe, and protected.

2. Lance Corporal

The lance corporal position oversees a group of police constables in different regions.

3. Corporal

The corporal in Nigeria is the first line supervisor who receives feedback and information to act on from the constables and lance corporal. They hold a higher decision-making role in the police.

4. Sergeant

The sergeant is in charge of coordinating and taking charge of police operations in the country. He/she is charged with planning, assigning, reviewing and evaluating the performance of the officers answerable to the office of the sergeant.

5. Sergeant Major

The sergeant major is tasked with overseeing the various sergeants in the force who man different regions. They ensure that tasks assigned to the sergeants are completed to satisfaction.

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6. Inspector of Police

The office of the Inspector of Police comprises the cadet, confirmed, principle and chief inspectors. The levels of responsibility accorded to each varies with the chief inspector holding the most.

7. Assistant Superintendent of Police

This office is tasked with offering all the support required by the superintendent of police while at the same time ensuring that they collect all the relevant information from the lower ranks that will be useful in making decisions.

8. Deputy Superintendent of Police

The deputy stands in for the superintendent of police in the event that they are unable to carry out their assigned duties.

9. Superintendent of Police

The superintendent of police is a senior officer who is charged with manning the headquarter units and overseeing law, order and its enforcement in larger capacities.

10. Chief Superintendent of Police

This office is in charge of taking reports from the superintendents, delegate roles from the top offices and report to them regarding any developments.

11. Assistant Commissioner of Police

Tasked with more responsibilities and tasks, the office of the assistant commissioner of police is key in ensuring that communication between the higher ranks and the lower ranks is seamless.

12. Deputy Commissioner of Police

This rank is tasked with offering operational support to the commissioner and giving instructions from the next rank.

13. Commissioner of Police

Serving the state, the commissioner of police takes orders on administration and operations from the office of the inspector general.

14. Assistant Inspector-General of Police

The assistant inspector-general of police are tasked with overseeing zonal commands and special formations. They also stand in for the inspector general in their absence and the unavailability of the deputy.

15. Deputy Inspector-General of Police

The deputy inspector-general is tasked with heading a police force department in the country ensuring their compliance to responsibilities, planning and organizing for successful operations.

16. Inspector General

The highest office and rank in the Nigerian police force is the Inspector General. The office is tasked with overseeing all the operations of the NGF and holding each capacity accountable for their deliverables.

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