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A list of Top 10 Countries with Favorable Climate in Africa

A list of Top 10 Countries with Favorable Climate in Africa
Camel-riding at Diani Beach. IMAGE: elephantgrass.nl

There is absolutely nothing that beats calmness and enjoyment as good and favorable climate. Just imagine not having to beat yourself up on what to wear simply because the climate in the region you live in allows you to wear literally anything you come across and be okay with it all year round. This is the case with most people who live in Africa. Below is a list of top 10 countries with favorable climate in Africa in 2022:

1. South Africa

South Africa is one of the few African countries that get to experience seasons such as Winter and Summer. The area is home to delightful weather, something that makes tourists to flock in year in year out. The environment is also well maintained and there are lots of leisure activities available. The major downside to this country is the fact that it has very high levels of insecurity.

2. Uganda

The country not only boasts of pleasant weather but of welcoming locals as well. Uganda is widely known for agriculture since the area produces good quality food for the locals and for export as well. The main downside to the country is political instability, something that has stemmed its tourism for years.

3. Kenya

The Equator literally cuts Kenya into two equal halves. The location of this country says much about its climate. The fact that Kenya is home to beautiful beaches such as Diani and Watamu makes it very easy for tourists to seek homage here. The main downside to it is its relatively high cost of living backed by bouts of insecurity and political instability.

4. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one African country that boasts of advantageous climate. However, the country’s economic growth and development levels are still fairly low. Its weak currency gives most tourists an upper hand.

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5. Tanzania

Tanzania’s Dar-es-Salaam enjoys tropical weather all year round. The country boasts of beaches, making the touristic experience even better. You will not need heave clothing once you set foot in Tanzania.

5. Rwanda

Rwanda is yet another East African country that boasts of favorable weather. Though landlocked, the country’s climate has played a huge role in ensuring that the country is heavily traveled to. As a matter of fact, Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, is home to over 1.4 million expatriates.

7. Gabon

The country is home to beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and adorable weather. The country’s lifestyle is mainly influenced by the French culture.

8. Ghana

This list cannot be complete without Ghana making an appearance. This West- African country’s capital Kumasi is commonly referred to as ‘The Garden City’ because it is home to a good number of lovely flowers and exotic plants. The country enjoys tropical climate pretty much all year round.

9. Algeria

The country is well endowed with stunning sandy beaches as well as captivating landscape. Algiers, Algeria’s capital, is widely known as ‘the Paris of North Africa’ because it is a blend of the European and the Arab way of living.

10. Equatorial Guinea

This country is located right where the Equator passes. This means that it gets to enjoy tropical climate all year round.  Equatorial Guinea is definitely one of the countries with favorable climate in Africa.

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