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A List of Top Ten Best Hotels to Visit in Mauritius 2021/2022

A List of Top Ten Best Hotels to Visit in Mauritius 2020/2021
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When one thinks of Mauritius, turquoise waters, white sands and palm trees come to mind. The Republic of Mauritius is a nation made up of the Mauritius, Rodriguez, Agalega and St. Brandon Islands. It is situated in the Indian Ocean and who’s capital is Port Louis.

Mauritius is known worldwide for its tourism attraction and the country has set up businesses along this line to ensure a continuous growth in its economy. Mauritius is a middle-income economy that is based on tourism, sugar and financial services. In this article, we will be looking at the top ten best hotels, resorts and restaurants in Mauritius that are to give a pat on the back for contributing to the country’s economic development.

During the times of the Coronavirus, these businesses have had to make huge changes in their operations as this is one of the hardest hit sectors of the global economy. They report greatly reduced numbers of clients if any and have therefore had to go on recess, lay off workers indefinitely and put an abrupt halt into their business operations.

1. LUX* Grand Gaube Resort and Villas

This is one of the three LUX* resorts and hotels under the brand from the LUX collective. It is a choice destination that has always been ranked highly by travel enthusiasts who share in the awe of such magnificent experience. It is fitted with high notch quality services including uninterrupted and strong WiFi coverage, indoor and outdoor pools and state of the art spa services. It is managed to ensure maximum fulfillment and customer satisfaction. This is a wonderful getaway location for the whole family, couples and even individual treats.

2. LUX* Le Morne Resort.

This is the second of the LUX* resorts and hotels and as well is ranked very highly in their meticulous service provision and luxurious accommodation. Services provided include and not limited to pools, well equipped spa and gymnasium, bars and caf├ęs for hot beverage lovers. It significantly provides babysitting services that will allow both children and parents have an enjoyable experience at the resort. The resort allows for online bookings and reservations for their customers.

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3. LUX* Belle Mare Resort and Villa

The third of the LUX* resorts and hotels fits in line as well as a superior choice located near the Bell Mare Beach. It is strategically located to provide the most breath-taking scenic views in addition to villas and suites on the beachfront. The resort provides upscale dining facilities, spa, outdoor pool and strong Wi-Fi coverage across the entire resort. It blends multiple harmonic styles in its decor and stands to be a great style statement.

4. Constance Prince Maurice

This hotel is located in Choisy Road Poste De Flacq. It is famous for its impeccable service and as a cherry on the cake, world-class architectural designs in the construction of the hotel. It boasts of new designs, ideas and indeed unique features in the buildings. It is suited with villas and both family and junior suites showing preparedness for the entire family’s getaway. In addition to state-of-the-art swimming pools, gyms and sauna, the Constance Prince Maurice offers a complementary golf course service for all customers.

5. Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa

This resort has a reputation for great culinary and exotic tastes, an ocean front location and complimentary services including gyms and a well-equipped and professionally attended spa. The Hilton Mauritius resort also offers water sports including kayaking, surfing and snorkeling. To top it off, the resort provides an exquisite and unforgettable experience of meeting and enjoying the company of dolphins

6. The Residence Mauritius

This fancy facility incorporates a blend of contemporary and colonial style in design making it a bold statement not to be easily forgotten. Amazing hotel staff provide excellent quality service in addition to the other provisions like a private beach, housekeeping services, in-room television and indeed strong internet access.

7. Four Seasons Resort

The resort has gained a great reputation in its service delivery and luxurious accommodation. The resort is completed with a golf course, and protected lagoon waters which are used by the customers and staff in enjoying water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling.

8. Salt of Palmar

This is a hotel in Mauritius that kills two birds with a single stone. The Salt of Palmar serves both visitors and locals in their operations. The hotel sources locally, employing qualified staff from within the area and is engaged in multiple partnerships with the locals in a bid to improve local economy. Visitors are also treated to a complete and wholesome experience by not only visiting but by also interacting with the locals.

9. Maradiva Villas Resort and Spa.

This resort is suitable for romantic getaways, weddings and honeymoons among other social activities. It is suited with airy villas, a beachfront dining area, fast internet, spa and water sports. The scenic views are absolutely beautiful and picture perfect, fit for Instagram.

10. The Ravenela Attitude

The Ravenela Attitude is located in Turtle Bay, Balaclava. It is a marvelous design product complete with stunning rustic decor, excellent customer service and quality accommodation service. It is located strategically allowing for the view of beautiful sunsets and the blue ocean.

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