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Transline Classic Bus Company Owners, Shareholders and Net Worth

Transline Classic Company Owners, Shareholders and Net Worth

Transline Classic Limited is a company that owns the Transline fleet of buses and shuttles which operate across Kenya. The company was a morphing from Transline which was established in 2005. Transline Classic came to the scene five years later in a new and scaled business model.

The new company would invite investors who would put in capital to boost operations and expand reach. The new model would be inclusive of buses that were initially not in Transline. It was mandatory for partnerships and seeking asset capital for the company to take off and yield returns for the shareholders. This article looks at Transline Classic’s operations, the owners and their respective net worth.

Transline Classic Limited Operations

Transline Classic Group of Companies is the engine that runs the fleet of yellow and black branded shuttles and buses. The majority shareholder is Evans Anyona, a businessman from Kisii County who left the company to develop his private practice – ENA Coach.

He owns most of the shares since he was the founder of the parent company, Transline back in 2005 when he was setting foot in the long-distance travel business. He holds decision making power, voting rights and receives dividends per period.

Evans Anyona is a humble and soft-spoken man whose business prowess is simply impeccable. He runs several businesses including a wholesale enterprise and farming. His net worth is yet to be clearly established despite having amassed himself a considerable amount of wealth in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Both Transline Classic and ENA Coach have more than fifty buses and over sixty shuttles that are registered under the company assets. Transportation business is also fairly reliable throughout the year and enjoys peak earnings during peak seasons such as Christmas and Easter holidays when people enjoy traveling.

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The other company shareholders are James Bichange and Haron Kamau who share in company dividends and losses if incurred. Haron Kamau is a high performing businessman and an aggressive investor. He owns the 5-acre Karmel Park in Kisii which he designed with inspiration from similar properties in Dubai and China from his travels. He is also the founder and owner of Overseas Buses and Matatus, a public service transportation company in Kenya.

James Bichange manages to keep a low-key profile and stay away from too much publicity. Both enjoy reaps from Transline Classic Limited and have amassed considerable wealth from the company. Haron Kamau’s net worth is yet to be fully established and an exclusive insight of his asset portfolio remains unavailable to the public. This happens to be the case with James Bichange as well.

Transline Classic Company Contacts

The company’s central station and booking office is located at Afya Center in Nairobi and is yet to embrace digitization by setting up an online booking system. The company owns more than a hundred buses operating across Kenya in Kisumu, Busia, Eldoret, Kitale, Nairobi and Bungoma.

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