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Updated and Latest GOtv Kenya Packages and Prices 2020

Updated and Latest GOtv Kenya Packages and Prices 2020

In this article, we will be looking at GOtv – a big game player in the TV provider industry in Africa who has taken space and acceptance in Kenya. It proves to remotely provide what we otherwise miss out on in observing government directives in its spirited effort to curb the spread and weight of COVID-19 in the country.

GOtv is a pay TV offering on Digital Terrestrial Technology (DTT) television. It offers 24hour access to a varied channel selection ranging from sports, religion, news and commerce to educational services. It is the “home of African television delivering family entertainment to Africa and provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa.”

It has consistently evolved in seeking to be consumer-friendly and gain more traction. One of the ways the company has done this is by allowing consumers to manage their accounts independently.

Payments for monthly subscriptions are easily done via phone and even making changes in one’s choice of package is are at the tap of a finger making no need to move around to a bank. This flexibility is certainly an  advantage to the GOtv customers.

GOtv’s customer care is one to take note of as it is providing customers with an excellent experience. Both online and on call, customer needs are addressed fast and efficiently.

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There are numerous YouTube videos addressing GOtv users and giving guidance on how to install the decoders, how to upgrade or downgrade package choices and giving updates on improvements done to the service.

GOtv offers five different packages of varied prices to provide clients with opportunity to select a most suitable purchase. The channels in market are both local and international including popular products such as BBC World News and AL Jazeera. The following is a table illustrating the package contents and their respective prices.


GOtv LITE 15+
  • LITE Monthly- 215
  • LITE Quarterly- 490
  • LITE Annual- 1275
GOtv VALUE 35+ 490
GOtv PLUS 40+ 735
GOtv MAX 50+ 980


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