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Vincenzo (Korean Drama), Full Cast, Real Names, Episodes Summary

Vincenzo (Korean Drama), Full Cast, Real Names, Episodes Summary

Vincenzo, is a 2021 South Korean dark comedy television series written by Park Jae-bum, whose twenty episodes were aired between February and May receiving worldwide adoration with even a few award nominations. The series was aired on tvN and later on, on Netflix reaching to millions of viewers across the world.

Vincenzo Story Synopsis, Drama Summary

The show begins with the main character, Park Joo-hyung, a young eight-year old boy being adopted by an Italian family, where he later joins the mafia and in a chain of events is adopted by the head of the Cassano mafia family, Don Fabio and the two grow very close.

It is also here that the show gets it title as Park changes is name to Vincenzo. Upon his death, Fabio’s son takes the mantle and is after Vincenzo’s blood who escapes.

He however has one more thing holding him back, he has a mass of fortunes along with a Chinese partner stacked under the Geumga plaza and has to maneuver through his death threats and obstruction by a firm taking possession of the building to reclaim what is rightfully his.

He later meets a lawyer that would do whatever it takes to win a case. Vincenzo has accumulated more than 20million cumulative views and has a commendable ranking of 8.6/10 by IMDb.

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Vincenzo Full Cast, Characters and Real Names

The cast was creatively selected to select performers who would bring out the best of the television series.

Character Name
Real Name
Park Joo-hyung/ Vincenzo Cassano Joong-ki Song Main actor, Italian lawyer
Cha-young Hong Yeo-been Jeon Lawyer
Jang Han-seok/ Jun-woo Jang Taec-yeon Ok Law intern
Myung-hee Choi Yeo-jin Kim Family prosecutor
Han-seo Jang Dong-yeon Kwak Babel Group Chairman
Seung-hyuk Han Han-chul Jo CEO Wusang Law Firm
Yoo-chan Hong Yoo Jae-myung CEO Jipuragi Law Firm
Joo-sung Nam Byung-hee Yoon Paralegal
Young-woon Cho Young-joon Choi Manager Geumga Plaza
Hong-shik Tak Deok-moon Choi Owner of laundromat
Toto Hyung-mook Kim Restaurant owner
Kang Larry Seol-jin Kim Dance studio owner
Chul-wook Lee Kyung-won Yang Pawnshop owner
Yeon-jin Jang Ye-hwa Seo Lee Chul-wook’s wife
Chaeshin Seung-woo Kwon Monk
Seok-do Park Young-woong Kim CEO Ant
Soo-nam Jeon Dal Lee Gangster
Joo-eun Yang Ji-yoon Jung Accountant
Gi-seok Ahn Chul-soo Im Italian spy
Tae-won Kwon Jong-gu Tae Spy
Jin-tae Hwang Jin-won Seo Babel Group employee
Woong-ho Seo Tae-kwang Hwang District Prosecutor’s Office employee
In-kook Jung Sang-ho Go Prosecutor
Cassano Paolo Alfano Salvatore Vincenzo’s adoptive brother
 Luca Vaquer Luca Vincenzo’s personal driver and assistant
Hyuk-pil Pyo Tae-hoon Kim Vincenzo’s enforcer
Seon-ho Lee Wook-jin Jung Whistleblower
Gyeong-ja Oh Bok-in Yoon Vincenzo’s birth mother


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