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Visa Free Countries for Kenyans with Passports to Travel to in 2020

Visa free countries for kenyans 2020
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Getting hustle-free Visa for touring and visiting places on the globe may be so relaxing. It is at times difficult to travel due to measures and bottle-necks enacted by territory governments due to increased insecurity.

These tough measures may be gone through during passport and visa application process. If you are planning to travel abroad and wondering of visa-free countries to go chill with your loved ones, you got covered.

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In this article, were going to highlight the countries across the world in which Kenyan citizens can go without visa in the year 2020. All you need to have is a valid Kenyan passport issued by the Kenyan government without any alterations.

The terms of visiting the countries highlighted below took effect as of January 2020. The visa-free opportunity is granted to Kenyan residents who plan to stay in the highlighted countries within a period of 30 to 180 days.

The periods of stay period varies from one country to another as stated in their government terms but within the domain of 21 to 180 days as mentioned above.

Country Maximum Period Allowed for Stay
Antigua and Barbuda 31 Days
Bahamas​​ 90 Days
Benin 90 Days
Botswana 90 Days
British Virgin Islands
Burundi 90 Days
Cayman Islands
Cook Islands 31 Days
Dominica 21 Days
Ethiopia 366 Days
Fiji 120 Days
Gambia 90 Days
Haiti 90 Days
Hong Kong 90 Days
Indonesia 30 Days
Kiribati 30 Days
Lesotho 90 Days
Malawi 90 Days
Malaysia 30 Days
Mauritius 90 Days
Micronesia 30 Days
Namibia 90 Days
Niue 30 Days
Northern Cyprus
Panama 180 Days
Philippines​​ 30 Days
Pitcairn Islands
Rwanda 180 Days
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 31 Days
Senegal 90 Days
Singapore​​ 30 Days
South Ossetia
Swaziland 31 Days
Tanzania 90 Days
Trinidad and Tobago
Vanuatu 30 Days
Zambia 90 Days
Zimbabwe 90 Days


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