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Bernard Albertson Biography, Career, Family, Net Worth, Cause of Death

Bernard Albertson Biography, Career, Net Worth, Cause of his Death

One of the wisest men of ministry and greatest contributors to the gospel work across the world is the late Bernard Albertson. He was a Christian teacher, preacher and writer of several books. His writings and famous inspirational piece that was shared online remain as great reminders of the kind of man that graced the world during his lifetime.

Bernard Albertson Age and Place of Birth

At the time of his death, Albertson was aged 82. He hailed from the present day – Libya in North Africa.

Bernard Albertson Family and Early Life

Bernard lived on the streets as a young boy, suffering homelessness and had no where to go. He stayed on the streets having it very rough until he was able to make it out of his condition and turned his life around. He was able to take himself through school and gather a broad set of skills that he then applied in his teachings as he was often present in the public.

Bernard Albertson Career Journey

He began writing books in 1957 working on the genres of Children Books, Christian Books and Historical Western Romance. He was able to pen down more than twenty one books over his career including one titled, ‘Copper Penny’.

Bernard Albertson used his platform as a writer to share his life experiences, teach the young readers a few aspects of life skills, mentor them and to edify his fellow Christian readers.
Apart from his writing career, he also worked as a religious leader having founded the church of Alexandria.

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Here he conducted church services, gave sermons and ran Bible study sessions with his congregants. He was a great encouragement to the people and many have paid their last respects to the fallen man.

Before his death, he shared a video on YouTube that has grown to become one of the most viewed videos. It was titled, ‘An Old Man’s Advice’. In the video, he highlights several of his learned lessons such as being resilient and trusting in God’s timing. He inspired several people on the video and touched just as many hearts.

Bernard Albertson Cause of Death

Bernard Albertson passed away on the 10th of July in 2020. The specific cause of death was not made public information though there is claim that he had ailed a few days before his passing away.

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