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Big Brother Nigeria Cast 2021, Shine ya Eye 

Big Brother Nigeria Cast 2021, Shine ya Eye 

Across Africa, there are only a few select shows that are widely accepted and heavily followed. These African shows, whether reality TV or movies take a while before they build a rapport with the audience before they can completely penetrate the market. A show that has shown an exception in the last few years is Big brother Naija.

The show has garnered extensive popularity not only among West Africans but also throughout the whole of Africa. It is critically acclaimed for having the most entertainment when it comes to drama. With different contestants each year, the show promises fresh entertainment each season. In this article, we will highlight the participants of the 2021 edition of Big Brother Naija.

Yusuf Garba

Some characters in the show are most unexpected due to their profession. Such is the case for Yusuf who goes by the alias Youssef. He is in the education industry and he also doubles up as a trainer.

Adeoluwa Okusaga

He not only knows how to have fun, but he also knows when to switch it up and get into his nerdy side. Aside from being a contestant who goes by the name Saga, he is also an engineer who is good at his craft

Peace Agora

The 26 years old contestant is in his element as he works in the fashion industry and in fact, owns a store where he likes to show his work. 

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Jackie B

Jackie is a jack of all trades and she has delved into the world of making things beautiful. As such she is a designer and flourishes in the planning craft when it comes to events.

Peres Igbi

The sassy contestant is a 35-year-old actor and a master in the real estate industry. They go by the name Pere in the acclaimed series.

Adeniyi Kawai

The 33 years old is an accomplished engineer who graces the show with his wit and intelligence.

Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okokwo

With such a heavy name comes heavy responsibility. The contestant popularly known as Cross is a budding entrepreneur in the early thirties.

Afije Roseline Omokhoa

The world of drama wouldn’t be complete without artists. The contestant who is popularly known as Liquorose is a dancer and known video vixen.

Boma Akpore

The 34-year-old is a master at luxury and pleasure as she identifies as a masseuse and talented mixologist. He is popularly known as Boma.

Emmanuel Umoh

The show would not be complete without tall and handsome men. Emmanuel fits the description as he is a young, 24-year-old model.

Maria Chile

Last but not least is the dazzling Maria who is a jack of all trades, quite literally. She succeeds at everything she sets her hands on and is well educated. 

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